Monday, July 25, 2016

Late Summer Nuggets

-We went to the beach. PS. I peed in the ocean every day. Ahhhhhh. Refreshing :)

We caught like a million hermit crabs, a starfish, blue crabs, and saw a sting ray.

 -Neela and Titus both had mini birthday parties at the beach condo

Two separate parties and reused decorations ;)

 - Titus learned to swim with no floaties. He’s ultra proud of this. So am I :)

 -Olive’s current favorite toy is a calculator. She’s been playing with this thing almost daily for two months.

- I learned the only thing worse than having diarrhea in July in a portapotty is having diarrhea in a portapotty in July in a portapotty with no toilet paper.

-Stevie’s big teeth grew in. She’s growing up so fast.

-The following conversation occurred on a ride home from work/daycare
Titus: I don’t want to grow up. I want to be a kid forever
Seth: Why buddy?
Titus: When you are grown up, you are old and you are about to die.
Seth: (laughing) Do you think I’m old?
Stevie: Yes. You are 32. That means you are an old man.
Seth: (still laughing) Stevie. I’m only 31.
Stevie: Oh Sorry. You are almost old.
Neela: Dad, can we have my birthday party before you turn 32?.... Just in case…

- We have a new(ish) cat. Neela rescued her from the woods a month or two ago at my parents’ house in Alabama. The kids have taken great care of her. Actually, they have already thrown her two parties. One of them was a small affair with presents and snacks, however, the other one they made invitations and passed them out door to door in the neighborhood. Stevie made up games and activities. Neela and Titus made cat masks for all of the party attendees. They actually had like 7-8 kids come over for the party. It was super cute.

-Titus is dead set on getting a pair of Hearing Aids for his birthday. I tried to explain that he has perfect hearing and does not need them, but this only increases his desire to have them. He believes they will give him a “hearing superpower”. Also, he can “turn them off when he doesn’t want to hear his sisters”. He’s dead serious. He wants hearing aids and a snow cone maker. Haha

- Sometimes my kids come to work with me. They have their little space they hang out in that is the room right next to mine. For the most part, they are extremely self-sufficient. However, occasionally there is a disagreement or something. So I said up a little chat window so we can talk without me having to walk away from my desk if I’m on the phone or something. It’s supposed to be for emergencies, this is our chat from the last time they were at work.

I still have no clue where they got cheese from at work.

-Speaking of work, the kids found some old poster boards that I was about to throw away & made a sweet fort out of some duct tape I had in my office. They even colored it and gave it a sunroof 

-Stevie still makes me lay with her and sing Goodnight God before bed. Every night. :)

- Olive is convinced that she has a baby in her belly. I told her that you have to be married and grown up before you can have a baby. Her response “I ate a flower. Now I’m growing a baby. I’m naming her Flower.” Fun Fact: Apparently, her baby’s favorite song is “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett. She insists that I play it constantly J

- Titus is really into the color baby blue lately. Most of his outfits resemble something like this.

- I surprised Stevie with a new remote so we can play Zelda together again. This is her favorite time together. She always picks this activity for her “alone time with Dad”. Normally, we sit together and I play while she keeps a journal full of notes and drawings about the game. It’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.

- We are having our first campout for Neela’s real birthday party.  We are making smores, frog hunting, tell stories, and sleeping in our tent in our back yard. I’m super excited because for her birthday, she wants a “kid frog hunting” kit. Last year, she wanted an animal finder kit. So for this year’s kit, I’m getting Neela her own net, some nice boots, and a head mounted flashlight.

She's getting so good at catching the big ones!

- My dad bod kinda snuck up on me. They are trendy now right? ;)

- We had Christmas in July with some friends.

 - Titus figured out to snap. Stevie learned how to make realistic fart noises.

- I found my brother Graham’s twin in Iowa.

Graham is on the left.

 - I’ve adopted a new method of mopping my floor.
 photo mopping_zpsnisfpqsk.gif

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,