Thursday, March 7, 2019

Seth's All-Time Favorite Megow Snapshots

Over the past decade, I (like every other parent) has taken A LOT of snapshots (non-professional) of my kids. Occasionally I see them pop up in memories on Google or Facebook, and I always enjoy browsing through them. I've been keeping a little folder of my favorites as they come up. I culled the list to my top 20 and wanted to share :) 

Some are sweet, some of funny, and some are just pure Megow ;) Hahahaha. Enjoy!


There's been so so many classic costumes over the years in our house. It was between this one and Titus's Wizard of Oz tornado, but I went with Olive's Captain Underpants picture because of the fact that she picked to dress up like this for "Career Day" at school. For awhile there, she legit wanted to be Captain Underpants when she grew up and I LOVED IT! hahaha

3 year old Stevie LOVED karaoke. We had a machine that she would constantly hook up and run by herself (her techie skills started young). But the reason I really love this picture is that it captured the intense death metal pose she would do when she would sing her cute little songs like "Wheels on the Bus" or "Jesus loves me". That intensity has not let up as she's grown older :D 

This is Titus's kindergarten school picture. When I saw it, I immediately asked "Dude?! Why were you looking so mad and annoyed?!" His response... "The man taking the pictures was telling bad jokes. So I didn't smile because he thought he was funny and he wasn't."
When Neela was little, she was constantly sneaking off to "go swimming". We had to put heavy things on the toilet seat just to prevent her from taking a random dip throughout the day. haha


This is little Olive waking up from a nap. She always had the BEST bedhead and was constantly carrying around 3+ Minnie Mouses everywhere she went :D She's just so cute in this photo.

A fairly recent pic, but still made the list. Titus wanted to be dad for Halloween. I'm still honored to make the cut and love the way the costumes turn out. He even got my stance nailed. He's so cool.

Nature Neela in her element... wrangling a big ole' bullfrog on a hot summer South Georgia night. This one is fairly recent, and I love that because her love of "aminals" has only grown the older she's gotten.

When Titus was a chub nugget, I insisted he get a Joe Dirt mullet. To boost the look, I cut the sleeves off all of his t-shirts. He spent that entire summer basically being the coolest kid every where we went.

Aaahhh!! When it snowed! That's a funny story in itself that I'm one day planning on sharing on the blog. For now, I'll just share how classically under-prepared we are for cold weather. Bucket hats and sock gloves :D


Just a random Saturday morning snapshot of Stevie living her best life. I love so many things about this photo.

Seth: "Buddy. You look tired."
Titus: "Nope. I'm hungry though. Can I have some chips please?"
*40 seconds later*

This was a landmark night and I'm so glad I took a picture. This was the FIRST time Stevie and I played Zelda together. This night inspired a love of the best video game series ever in her (and the only video games we play).

I got a 911 text from the church nursery. I ran in to find Neela with her head stuck in the playhouse. Something the nursery workers did not expect, was for me to bust out laughing and bend down to take a picture before prying her head out (no regrets... I love this photo)

"Look how good Olive is crawling! Quick! Let me grab a picture" 
*looks at photo later in the day*


I went to wake up Titus one morning when he was younger only to find he snuck the entire carton of ice cream to his bed the night before. This is what I walked in to find. Hahaha

Ok. Here's the sweetest picture of the bunch. A little backstory... Neela got a part in a local play, but do to time constraints we couldn't make the practice schedule. That meant she had to drop out. She was sad and crying all week. I felt horrible. However that Friday night, Stevie called everyone together and surprised her by having written a play for her to perform with stuffed animals. Stevie even included Neela's lines from the missed play in her original script. I'm such a softie and of course cried when Neela burst out into a huge grin. She simply loved it, and it was all Stevie's idea and hard work that deserves all of the credit. It's one of the proudest I've even been of my children. 

Back to funny. Here's a mashup starring Baby Neela. HAHAHAHA

A Megow Classic! Olive insisted on wearing her giant, oversized moon boots to school that day. I didn't care. "Do your thing kid."
I forgot about picture day. Olive didn't. And was so pumped to be wearing those boots in the photo.

I always bury my head laughing at this photo. It was a friend's Finding Nemo themed birthday party. Right before the picture, the person taking the picture said "Everyone act like a fish!"  

So, Titus did just that and made his hand into a fish. Complete with the top fin. 

Side note: Don't worry, we had a talk afterwards about why we don't do fish hands. ;) 

Annnnddd #1

My little ducklings. My gaggle. The story behind this picture was the kids and I got into a big argument in the parking lot of my work. It was so loud that it caught the attention of my friend who snapped a picture and sent it to me later that day... I was so embarrassed she saw me arguing with and getting on to my kids. But the more I thought about it, this picture grew on me. Parenting isn't always pretty. We try our best, and that's about all we can do.  And at the end some days, we can't help but think about all of the mistakes or bonehead things we've made or done as a dad or mom. But that's just a part of growing as a parent, just like our kids are growing as our children. It's just part of being a family that loves each other and sticks (or waddles) together :)

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,