Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Megow Kids in 25 Years - Seth's Prediction

So I was talking to a friend today about what I should post next. I like to keep topics and post ideas fresh for all of my favorite people (you guys duh) J. She suggested I try to guess what the kids might be do and who they might be in the future. I thought that was a GREAT IDEA! So I’m excited about this post. Again (like always), I’m gonna wing this and just see where we end up.

The year is 2041. It’s been 25 rotations around the sun since everyone’s favorite year, 2016. Let’s see what our favorite Megows are up to…

Stevie (age 33)

She wakes up 5 minutes before her alarm goes up. Although Stevie is extremely professional and career driven, instead of showering and picking out clothes for work, she sits on the couch drinking coffee with a ton of cream/sugar and plays on her phone. She enjoys waking up before the rest of her family for her alone time in the mornings. Suddenly, she looks up at the clock and notices she’s running behind. Stevie is an art teacher at a local elementary school. She has her own little personal art studio, which she likes to create. However, she loves the structure of the classroom setting and having a set schedule. She dashes around and wakes up the household (her husband, her son, and her daughter). Everyone’s lunches are packed the night before and ready to go. She also stuck little plastic roaches down in each of the kids’ lunch bags. Everyone is awake now, and they all eat breakfast together. Stevie has always been a morning person and loves spending time with her little family before they all head off.

In the car on the way to school Stevie and the kids make up a game called “signatures”. She instructs them the game is to awkwardly stare at people, then hand them a blank sheet of paper, tell them to sign their name but not offer any reason, and run away after each signature chanting “I did it!”. The winner of the game will get spray the loser of the game with a water hose and dump a bag of flour on them when they get home that afternoon. They pull up to school (they currently attend the school she teaches at). They don’t have to worry about being tardy, because Stevie was voted “Teacher of the Year” and earned a reserved parking space right next to the entrance of the building.  It’s no secret that Stevie is one of the favorite people at the school. Not only with the students, but staff as well. The chair by her desk has become the ‘unofficial counselor’s office’. People feel so comfortable talking with her because she has a real desire and compassion for each person she encounters.  Throughout the day (just like every day), she is such a joy to be around.

As the work day comes to a close. Her kids bust in the car. Her daughter got 17 signatures. Her son only got 11; however… he did earn a trip to the principal for awkwardly staring at the janitor for too long.  These results are too close to call so they just decide to prank their dad. Of course, dinner is ready when they get home due to Stevie setting up a crockpot that morning. As her husband gets out of the car, Stevie (wearing head to toe camouflage and face paint) sneaks out behind the bushes and bariades him with water balloons. Suddenly the kids jump out and throw flour on him. He laughs and throws it back. The neighbors slow down as they drive by watching this little family looking like maniacs in their front yard.

The night comes to a close and everyone heads off to bed. However, Stevie tells her husband, she will be in the bed soon and to just give her a few minutes. She sits on the couch, picks up the phone, and calls her daddy. She’s so excited to tell him about this goofy little game she made up and the flour fight in the front yard that she can barely get it all out without laughing. They catch up for a few more minutes and say how much they love each other. Before hanging up, Stevie asks her daddy to sing “her good night song”. She sings it to her kids every night, but still calls at least a few times a month to have it sung to her. Just like he did, when she was a little girl.


Neela (age 32)

Expedition Personal Log
Date: 12-30-2041

I’ve won over the walruses trust. Not sure why it took so many months. I think the key to gaining acceptance into their pack was masking the smell of my urine by eating beets.  And I honestly can’t recall the last time I’ve had a true shower. It doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve loved bird baths since I was 6 years old. Plus it keeps all of the annoying guys around here from bothering me too much. Seriously guys, I’m here to work… However, that one new guy is cute. Plus, when I was walking back from my last extended walrus study, I saw him outside studying a pile of polar bear poop. #husbandgoals!!!

I miss my family so much. It’s been months since I’ve seen them. However, they all call and text every day. This grant ends in February, so I’m flying home and surprising everyone. Note to self: Call Dad and get him to arrange a big party for me being back in town. I missed Christmas this year. My first year missing Christmas. But my peeps knew I would be down and planned something to cheer me up. Apparently, my dad got everyone together, dressed them up in bright pink spandex leotards, took pictures, and had them blow up to lifesize cardboard cutouts. They call chipped in and spent the $723 dollars to get it shipped up here to me. So… I’m currently sitting in my room staring at these massive cardboard replicas of my family. My little brother requested that his be wrapped in plastic and stuck in random people’s showers across the camp.

I was talking with Stevie yesterday and she asked me about my future plans. Geez, that girl would plan out a plan for a planning meeting if that was a thing, but I love her. So much. However, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t tell her my surprise news. I still can’t believe I got awarded that federal grant to open a raccoon sanctuary back in Georgia.  My dad is going to freak out, when I tell him I’m moving back the states. And he’s going to faint when I tell him I’m moving back to Georgia!
Overall, I’m just so happy that I get to work with God’s creatures every day. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl.


Until next time,
Neela “Nature” Megow, Ph.D.


Titus (age 31)

It’s late at night, and everyone in his house is asleep. He’s up planning a special surprise for his wife. He has to be at work in a few hours, but he has this idea in mind of the perfect gift and doesn’t plan on sleeping until he done (Titus isn’t one for store bought gifts) Also, It’s not their anniversary, nor is it a birthday or any other special occasion. He is just madly in love with his wife of eleven years. Recently, she started a new job as a nurse and is a little stressed and down because of all the change. Her schedule is tough and doesn’t get to see them as much as she would like. You see Titus simply loves being a husband and father. It’s his passion. He takes his role in his family very serious. I was going to talk about his profession as a Marriage and Family Counselor in this little post. He’s naturally so empathetic and gentle that this is the perfect career for him. However, he views his main purpose on earth is his family, so he would rather me talk about them.

At dinner tonight, he was talking to his wife and son. Titus was telling them the story of him at the age of 4 sneaking out of his bedroom window and backpacking solo to Toys’R’Us. When he gets to the part of the policeman pulling up behind him, he starts to laugh because it’s his favorite part. The officer asked him if he needed help, young Titus responded “No thank you. I’m just walking to the toy store. I have a dollar I want to spend.” At this part of the story, the whole table bursts out laughing. His own son is 4 years old now and just thinks his dad hung the stars. Suddenly, his wife starts crying because she doesn’t get many family dinners anymore due to her new work shifts. She hates missing out on these moments. She hates not being able to spend these times with “her boys”. Titus comforts her and takes them both out for ice cream. Side note: Ice Cream has been this guy’s favorite treat since he was little. He even snuck into in the bed once and his dad found him sleeping like this…

So back to this surprise… Titus was praying about how to help his wife with this transition. Then it just hit him, and he got started when they both went to sleep. Finally, he finishes up what he can for the big surprise around 6am and loads it all into his garage. Then he proceeds to pack everything up for later before waking everyone up and serving them breakfast (turkey bacon and swiss cheese omelets). Titus is a fantastic cook just for the record.

Later in the day, he takes off early from work, picks up his son from school, and heads home to finish everything up. The two boys drive over to his Papa’s house and borrow a trailer to get everything ready. You see Titus got a trait that skipped a generation with his dad. He’s super handy and can build anything he puts his mind to. He takes his little buddy outside and finishes up the surprise. His son is super excited about it. “Mom is going to love this” his little bud exclaims! Titus agrees and his face lights up as they step back and see the finished product.

They load up in the truck with the trailer and head over the hospital. Titus knows it is past his son’s bedtime, but he knows that you gotta let kids just live sometimes. They pull up to the hospital at his wife’s “lunch break” at 9pm. They both walk inside and Titus motions to his son to be quiet and stay around the corner so mom doesn’t know he’s here for the surprise. Titus peaks in the breakroom, where his wife is sitting lonely just eating a sandwich. He pops in and tosses a blindfold to her and says “Put this on, take my hand and follow me”. His son is beaming but trying his best to keep from laughing out of excitement.

Finally, he leads her to the surprise and motions for his little buddy to get into place. They yell “Surprise” and remove the blindfold. Titus leads his wife into the big box that he has built out of plywood into the bed of the trailer. Once they open the faux-door, she finds their son sitting down at this little folding table in this little DYI replica of their dining room. He stayed up the night before painting what each wall, window, cabinets, and wall art onto each of the four plywood walls. He used the tablecloth that was a wedding gift to cover the little table and parked the roofless portable dining room under a parking lot streetlamp for light. “Well,” Titus says, “We have been missing you at home during dinner time, so we brought dinner time and home to you.”  For the meal, he brought Taco Soup which is his specialty and of course ice cream for dessert. They just sit, enjoy their time, and have the most wonderful family meal.

Titus has things figured out. It’s just who he is. God wired this guy to be a strong, yet thoughtful leader of a family. He doesn’t make a ton of money in his profession, but he doesn’t let that determine his happiness. He doesn’t live constantly waiting for the weekend or some special holiday to enjoy life. In this moment on a random Tuesday night, he and his little family are enjoying life more than anyone on Earth.


Olive (age 29)

Oh Olive. She’s the wild child of the bunch. However, not the image of a wild child most would think. She is just full of life. From her fashion to her sense of humor, she is ANYTHING but ordinary. Olive has had a slew of odd jobs in the past. Not because she couldn’t keep a job, exactly the opposite. She became so proficient at each job, she wanted to push herself to learn and try new things. Straight out of college, she took a job as a live in nanny for a family. Of course, they instantly fell in love with her, and she with them. Olive has such a desire to nurture. The kids were so drawn to her spunky style and silly jokes. Every day after school was some sort of imaginative adventure. The parents loved her because she was a hard worker and very dependable. When Olive says she will do something, she will do it. However, as much as she loved her job and that family, she longed for another adventure.

So Olive did what Olive does best, she figured out what she wanted to do and she just did it. She wanted to make people laugh, so she became the first Megow to work in professional comedy.  Her stage shows were slow to attract crowds at first because it was very different than most others, but once word spread she soon started selling out venues. Her act was, she had a few wigs and costumes. She acted out stories from her childhood playing each family member. Even when she was a little girl, she always had the silliest sense of humor and soaked up every little aspect of her siblings and her dad. Her crystal clear memory served her well in this area. She would do these one woman shows about them all getting stuck in Walmart for four hours or peeing in sand castle buckets in the car. She was getting very successful in this field and started to get some big offers to advance her career; however, Olive being Olive got the itch to try out something new.

Ever since she was a little girl, there is one thing Olive loved… fashion. She has ALWAYS been about looking fabulous. 

Her latest venture is an upscale, but low priced, consignment store. The main portion of the store was pretty much like any regular consignment place, very fashionable clothes for reasonable prices. But this store has a little twist that makes it oh so different. In the back there is a special room for little girls “fashion” clothes. The clothes in this room are the most sparkly, sequin covered, glitter blasted things you could ever imagine. Every weekend she drives around yard sales looking for glam pieces for her special room. Then once a month Olive partners with a local organization that works with little girls from low income houses that might not have access to these types of clothes. First they have a fancy tea party and then the fun starts. Olive works with every little girl to pick out their perfect outfit. Once everyone has their diva look ready to go, she throws up the doors to the main store area to reveal that it’s been turned into a catwalk and the girls get to model their new clothes for customers in the store before taking them home to keep for free! She’s actually had this business for awhile, and it’s made such an impact the community. Her family hasn’t missed a fashion show yet. PS. Olive’s dad is so ultra-proud of her.

Well that’s my best guess on what my kids will be up to in 25 years. Hope you enjoyed it J
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Guest Author - Hannah Moody from Abrupt Joy

I've always wanted to have guest authors. It's just something that a neat thought. My idea for this blog is my little spot for smiles and encouragement in a world that can be sometimes harsh and dim. I love the idea of being about to share my little spot with other people who want to send out a similar message.

So I've never had a guest author and wanted my first one to be someone that my readers would enjoy. The idea has always been floating around in my head, I just never met the right author/topic until recently. As most of you probably have seen we recently got some family portraits done. They are my favorite things ever. The part most didn't know, is that our photographer, Hannah Moody, contacted me about the shoot and then told me she wanted to do it completely free of charge. Of course, I said yes. And if that wasn't enough, she also helped me coordinate outfits since I am horrible in that area.

Recently, I saw where see also runs a blog. So I clicked and checked it out. Turns out not only is she a fantastic photographer and all around wonderful human being, but also an extremely gifted writer. (Her latest post where she interviews her mom made me laugh out loud) So I messaged her about guest authoring and was ecstatic when she agreed. She gave me a choice of topics to write about and I chose the one you are about to read.

I also encourage everyone to check out her blog "Abrupt Joy"here & her Facebook Page

So ladies and gentlemen for the first time ever, I present my guest author Hannah!


I’ll start my post with my favorite Megow quote from my spirit animal, Nature Neela,

“High expectations. Hmm... Is that like when you climb a high mountain and you expect someone to climb it with you?”

I met Seth just a little while ago. We clicked over both being single parents and making Chick-Fil-A an essential food group, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to throw ideas at him and interacting with his awesome kids. When Seth asked me to be a guest writer, I felt like I just got asked to scrub-in with Dr. McDreamy as an intern. For those non-Grey’s fanatics (if those exist), that’s a huge deal.

I’m Hannah Moody. I am a single-mom to my Noa, aspiring teacher, photographer, Jesus loving, occasionally funny 22-year old. I also recently started a blog, Abrupt Joy, which is why Seth found me semi-qualified to write something.

Noa and I spend a lot of our time watching Disney movies. We have lots of “things,” but Disney Princesses are our favorite. My favorite part of every movie is when the girl gets the guy.

Anna accidentally punches Kristoff then they kiss. Rapunzel almost tips the boat over then sings a love song to Flynn Rider under a ton of floating lanterns. Cinderella beats out all the other girls, ditches her shoe, and ends up marrying the Prince.

For a single mom, or any single woman, this is the dream, but as a single mom it is even more glorified and tempting because after sweeping all day being swept off my feet doesn’t sound too shabby.

But this post isn’t about that type of love.

I think we have love so confused. So, I’ll give a short history lesson.

The Greeks had a theory that there are 4 types of love: eros, philia, storge, and agape.

Eros love is the “self” love. It’s the princess kissing the prince and everyone is dancing and there’s a wedding and “oh gee I’m so in love” type of love. It evokes strong physical and romantic feelings. Eros is important in the beginning, but once one person is not “in love” anymore, it dies.

Philia love is a chosen and committed love. It’s the love found in an everyday friendship.

Storge love is a natural love. It’s the love found between your family. It’s the reason that even though your sister is wearing the brand new shirt you just bought and spills Coke on it, you freak out but get over it because you love her.


There’s Agape love. I could talk for days on end about agape love because it’s a perfect, unconditional love. It’s rare and profound. It can’t be found under floating lanterns, by kissing frogs, or losing shoes. It’s the love that makes us feel fulfilled and abundantly satisfied.

When I had Noa, I had complications afterwards that meant spending a few extra days in the hospital. I remember waking up on my “go home” day, taking a shower, packing up, and I even managed to put a brush through my hair (truly a miracle), when my doctor walked in to inform me that I wouldn’t be going home.

There’s a saying somewhere about how an unhappy mama is an unhappy house. Switch out house and replace it with hospital because this mommy was ticked.

I kicked everyone out of the room and sulked.

I wanted real food.
I wanted my shower.
My bed.
My house.

In the midst of my tears and rants, I propped my Noa on my knees and traced her little features with my finger. This was the first time it was just me and her. She was always so aware and alert of what was going on. Her big blue eyes wandered the room. She flinched as she caught glances of the fluorescent lights. She had decorated her little face with scratches with her fingernails.

In that moment, it all hit me.

I made a life. I carried life. I brought life into this world and now I’m going to raise this little life.

No matter what decisions this little life makes, I’m going to love this little life because this is my greatest craft. Noa is my best creation.

Agape love.

In that moment, I saw more of God then I ever had. I imagine him tracing out what I think are my flaws and imperfections, whispering corny jokes that I could use for later in my ear, and saying, “I made a life. I’m bringing this life into the world. I’m going to guide this little life. No matter what decisions this little life makes, I’m going to love this little life because this is my greatest craft.”

Agape love.

Being a single mom has been the hardest job that I never imagined myself taking. I had my entire life planned out by the time I was 18, and being a single mom was never written in there. Not even in the fine print.

Loving another being turned out to be so much more than feeding, burping, changing, rocking, repeating.

-It’s laying in a toddler bed singing Cinderella songs until you hear little snores, then starting over when the door speaking wakes her up.

-It’s staying up until 2 AM on Christmas building a dollhouse that’s taller than you just so you can see that beam of excitement the next morning.

-It’s saying “no, I can’t” to your friends every single time, even when they are all being young and 22, because being mommy is so much better.

-It’s watching Hocus Pocus after Halloween because “Mommy that lady eats that spider and that cat talks and they fly” (AKA the obvious Christmas movie choice. Duh, Mom.)

-It’s finishing school a year quicker and taking 19 hour semesters plus summers.

-It’s kissing all the invisible boo-boos.

-It’s watching your child glow from excitement when a group of Brazilian students on vacation to Disney World chant “NOA! NOA! NOA!” on a bus back to the hotel. (True story, I think Noa is some kind of celebrity in South America.)

-It’s petting the goats at the petting zoo, even though they freaking stink.

-It’s not getting angry when your child pees on your electric blanket.

-It’s a lot of abrupt.

It’s an abundance of joy.

It’s an unconditional love, in receiving I don’t deserve. It’s an unconditional love, in giving that I can’t explain. It’s one of the purest forms of Agape love that we can find on this Earth. And I get to experience it each day.

It’s not always easy. A lot of my personal life gets put on hold so I can do what’s best for Noa. I’m missing out on a lot of “regular” 20 year old things and had to grow up quickly. But boy, is it worth it.

Thanks Seth for letting me ramble, and thank you for reading.

With Joy,

Friday, December 23, 2016

'Twas the night before Megow Christmas

'Twas the night before Megow Christmas, when all through the house,
Neela had stirred every creature, the spider, the lizard, and apparently a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Gum drops stolen from gingerbread permanently stuck in Olive’s hair.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
Except for Titus who has crashed on his floor after eating 17 Airheads.

Blue box mac and cheese for dinner, and dirty dishes filling the sink,
I trip over Stevie’s stuffed raccoon collection, spilling my drink.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Exhausted beyond belief, I didn’t care what was the matter.

Eventually I peered out of the window, aided by the phone’s built in flash,
All the while thinking, “next year, we are getting a fake tree, I’m sick of this allergy rash.”

I finally muster the energy to stand and open the door,
But get distracted by the artwork created in boogers on the kitchen floor.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
It’s Santa and he tells me that he’s in desperate need of headgear.

“A cap?” I ask. “Maybe a derby or beret that dips to the right.”
“Be Quiet!” the jolly man shouts, “I’m in search of a head mounted flashlight!"

He said, “This fog is too thick and Rudolph came down with the flu,"
“And my elves forgot to make one, simply too much to do.”

I stood pondering, desperately thinking how help Ole’ Saint Nick,
Suddenly, He and I are both startled by a loud “click”.

We peek inside to find my four favorite little people beaming in sheer delight!
“Santa” they grinned, holding out their head-lanterns from our frog hunting nights.

“Please take our lights to help you see through the fog,”
“So many kids are depending on you. So you must make it past this smog."

Santa adjusted his stance very formal and straight,
Then leaned down counting little feet, Two… Four.. Six… Eight.

“You must be the Megow children”, he addressed them quite formally,
All four of their faces looking anything but normally.

His eyes intensely scanning them forth and back,
The children became nervous, what if there were no presents in his sack.

Santa leaned down and motioned them close,
His serious face immediately changed to the one they recognized most.

“I’ve heard about you” He said smiling “your exploring and treasure hunts.”
“I’ve witnessed you acting so adoring and helping much.”

The big man came nearer and wanting to tell them a secret.
Only on the condition that they would never repeat it.

He whispered something so gently I couldn’t even hear,
Santa then gave me a wink and told me the secret wasn’t for my ear.

He stood up quickly and told them he must go,
Schedule was running behind and toys would soon be covered in snow.

The man in red jumped in his sleigh, flashlight shining bright,
He flew off singing, much to the children’s delight.

As we walked in the house, I pulled them aside,
“Please tell me the secret. I tried to let it go. I tried and I tried.”

Knowing Santa wouldn’t mind, Stevie agreed to share.
So she gently cupped her hand over my ears and under my hair.

Stevie whispered to me as we were sitting together on the floor,
“Santa said he loves us, but you love us more”.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Ideal Mate

Recently, I’ve been dealing with some drama and stuff regarding my ex. I originally was going to type up a post about all of that crap. However, I feel like it’s not really anything I want to discuss at the moment, and more importantly it’s my nature to look more towards the future than the past. So in this post, I want to talk about something I have never really discussed in depth before on the blog… my ideal mate.

Let me start off by saying this is in no means and advertisement for myself looking for dates. Nor is it a statement that I am ultra desire a girlfriend/wife at the moment. I think it’s more something for myself. I hope people don’t view this as desperation, because I can assure you it’s not. I just think people are just curious about my little crew and our situation. People ask me a lot about remarriage or dating. Normally, I just have my typically stock answers for those questions; however one question always stumps me, “What are you looking for in a wife.” Hmmm… Every time I get asked I normally just deflect it by cracking a fart joke. I really never really thought deeply about the issue. I think that’s why I wanted to type this up. So I’m about to wing the crap outta this thing and hopefully, we can all figure this out together we as go along.

So first things first. I’m looking for a partner and wife. Not a mom for my kids. Personally, I think it’s a big mistake going down the “finding a new parent for your kids” route. My kids will grow up. I want a connection besides my kids. However on the flip, I’m very attracted to someone with a compassionate heart and nurturing spirit when it comes to my kids. I’m not looking for a replacement mom for my kids. However, someone to fall in love with them as they are falling in love with me would be my dream. We are kinda a package deal ;)

That brings up the topic of single parenting. Realistically, I would like to find a single parent. I can’t even being to comprehend the challenges of blended families, but I just know I would like to not be the only ones bringing kids into the mix. People never end up as a single parent without some sort of sadness in their story. The kids and I have our own little story. This results in various behaviors, insecurities, self-doubts, flaws, etc. I just feel it would be mutually beneficial to have someone that kind of “gets it”. I need someone to not only be patient with my kids as they work through stuff, but me as well. I’ve worked through my divorce. I’m healthy and whole in that area; however, there was a lot of hurt. I’m sure things will pop up and I need someone patient and accepting.

But let’s talk more about the traits that I love. One of the things I truly love in people is selflessness and humility. In a world of selfies and materialism, it’s something that I feel is such a rare thing to find. I love when I notice these little traits of love in someone from their actions. They don’t purposefully talk about themselves. They love just to love. Not for recognition or reward. Just being Jesus to people. No frills. No fancy title. No reward. I can’t think of someone I love more.

Another thing I love is a serene and fulfilled spirit. Just FYI,  I’m not super big on money. It’s nice to have for fun special events, but I’m not looking for a highlight reel marriage. You know what I mean, just living from big event to big event. I’m more interested in a Tuesday night marriage. I want someone that is fulfilled with quiet times spent together. Someone who is more interested in intimate moments like laying on the couch reading a book while I play with her hair and write a blog post than someone who is constantly looking forward to the weekend. I think the best way to summarize this is that I want someone who enjoys each day as a gift.

Kindness and gentleness is a big one for me. I freaking melt when a see a tender heart. I’m a sucker for a women like that. I like a woman with deep emotions. From what I’ve seen deep emotions are my favorite. It results in deep fulfillment and deep satisfaction. I’m attracted to a sensitive heart. I mean everyone has their own tastes, so don’t think this is the “right way or wrong way” to be, but a sensitive woman is just so feminine and I love that. However, I will say… I also like my women with a feisty side. I guess I like a woman that could be described as the sweetest little woman, but someone you don’t want to piss off. Hahaha

Also, I would love to find someone with an artistic side. The world that God made is so beautiful. I think it’s so neat when people can capture that with whatever their chosen medium. I like when the artistic side of someone flows into their personality and gives them a quirky, one of kind little personality. I enjoy quirky. However, to bounce of off that completely, I am also looking for a “planner”. I’m very happy to bounce from moment to moment. Although there’s a lot of good to be found in how I live and think, someone to reign me in from time to time would be nice :)

I’m big on love languages. It’s one of the first things I try to pick up whenever I’m around someone new. I know my kids love languages and work them into my daily parenting. As a spouse, it’s super big for me to be aware of these. I want someone to recognize mine and make an effort for me to feel loved. My past marriage was hell to walk through and I’ve been a single parent for so long, having someone make a point to make me feel valued in a relationship would be nice.

Hmmmm… what’s next. Oh yeah. Humor. I freaking love to laugh. I would like someone who gets my humor. Also, I mean they don’t have to be hilarious per se, but someone who could make me laugh would be nice.

Can you tell I’m just winging this? I never really sat down to type it up before. What’s next… I like people who have their own interests and passions. I’m not looking for someone to just like everything I like or want to do everything I do. Why would I want to be with myself? I’m not that cool. I want to be able to learn about your interests and things you are passionate about. :)

Since I’ve been a single dad for quite a while, I’ve grown pretty independent. I want someone who’s also someone independent (another reason for a single mom). I want space to do things with my kids at times. However, one of my two big love languages are quality time. So while, I like to have my me time, I also want someone who wants and makes it point to spend together. I know that’s ultra confusing. I don’t like someone who is super clingy, but views me as valuable enough want to be around me more than not.  I want to know someone wants to talk and spend time with me.

I love when people are themselves. Seriously, I absolutely love it. I’m not talking about being different just to be different. I’m talking about when you are just you. You pick your clothes because it’s how you want to dress. You cultivate your hobbies because you truly enjoy them. (Take for example, how I’m drifting into the second person point of view by using “you” a lot in this post. I know it’s grammatically incorrect, but it’s how I feel like typing it. So that means I’m just gonna do it). I like when people own who they are.

Ok. I guess I will need to discuss the various things I am physically attracted to. Here’s what I’m attracted to: A sweet smile that results in squinty little eyes, someone wearing their natural hair color, someone who has tiny little features about them that are different. Basically, I love a cute woman. I’m not really big on “sexy”. I don’t know if I have an exact taste though.

All this being said, I think I’m kind of picky? Maybe it’s because I’m not really looking at the moment. However, I just kind of know I’m ready. Mostly due to the fact that I’m happily single. I think me and my kids have many areas of improvement, but for the most part, we have our little life on lockdown. We don’t NEED a woman, which is nice because I don’t feel pressure to find one nor would feel pressured bringing someone into our lives. It’s just a weird feeling I’ve been having lately. Like I might be in a relationship sooner than later. I can’t really explain it. It’s just this gut feeling, and I’m pretty at peace about it.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Megow Kids Q&A-The Kids Describe My Future Wife

These little question and answer sessions with my kids are my favorite kind of post. I'm always on the lookout for a new theme to ask them about and since they are constantly talking about finding me a wife, I figured I would just ask them about her.

"The Kids Describe my Future Wife"

What is her job?

Stevie- “Just have a lot of cats.”

Neela- “She will just walk around our house and look all around and look at the mess we make and say, ‘Well, I guess this is my job now’…”

Titus- “Taking care of us. Making us feel safe. Loving us. And keeping her promises.”

Olive- “A teacher. And a police officer. And make cookies.”

What does she look like?

Stevie- “It doesn't matter what she looks like as long as she loves Jesus, loves daddy, and loves us. That’s what really matters.”

"Neela- "She needs to dye her hair rainbow colored and be dirty."

Titus – “She looks like someone I can trust. And she smiles a lot.”

Olive – “She has hair like me. She has pretty legs and green eyes.”

What does she smell like?

Stevie- “Pizza”

Neela- “Blueberries”

Titus- “Pretty Peach Perfume”

Olive- “Chick-fil-A”

What are her hobbies?

Stevie- “Drawing with me. And making clay cats.”

Neela- “Playing croquet dressed like a sea lion .”

Titus- “Helping people and hugging us.”

Olive- “Eating snacks and having fun with daddy.”

What is her bad habit?

Stevie- “Smelling like Neela.”

Neela- “She doesn’t like frogs.”

Titus- “She only likes plain pretzels and not pretzels and hummus.”

Olive- “She doesn't brush her teeth.”

What is her favorite food?

Stevie- “Milkshakes."

Neela- “Edamame”

Titus- “All of the food”

Olive- “Popcorn”

Where should dad take her for a first date?

Stevie- “Take her to the Fun Factory and then Cici’s pizza.”

Neela- “Take her to a farm with a lot of aminals.”

Titus- “Go to the mountains.”

Olive- “Daddy gets in his car and follows her to her house. And then goes into her house.”

What is her favorite movie?

Stevie- “Anything funny that is in the theatre. She likes to see funny movies in the theatre.”

Neela- “Home Alone.”

Titus- “Moana.”

Olive- *Falls out of chair. Completely motionless and with her face buried flat against the carpet she mutters* “Princess movies.”

Who is funnier? Her or Dad?

Stevie- “Dad.”

Neela- “Her.”

Titus- “Both. You are the same funny.”

Olive- *Gets back in chair, looks at me and smirks* “Me.”

Where is her favorite place?

Stevie- “Anywhere with daddy and me.”

Neela- “The Hockey Rink.”

Titus- “Our house.”

Olive- “McDonalds play place.”

What does she like to do on Saturdays?

Stevie- “Lay with me and eat snacks with me.”

Neela- *stands on table and sticks both arms straight up in the air* “Adopting a new dog every Saturday.”

Titus- “She does magic tricks.”

Olive- “Pick flowers at the park.”

How will you know that she is the perfect person for dad?

Stevie- “If she loves Jesus and is nice. And makes daddy smile..”

Neela- “She wears glasses.”

Titus- “She loves Jesus and is nice to daddy and is nice to us.”

Olive- “She plays with my toys with me and I hug her three times.”

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Family Portraits

The kids and I never had professional pictures taken before, so I decided it was about to time to scratch that one off the ole bucket list. So I contacted a photographer I recently met and scheduled some last minute. The shoot was so fun and easy. I was a little nervous about how the kids would do, but Hannah (our photographer) was so good at getting them to smile and arranging them in cute little poses. I loved how they turned out. I hope everyone enjoys.

Also, she gave me permission to share her information since we had such an enjoyable experience. She officially has the "Megow Seal of Approval" because capturing photos of my crew is no easy task. Her business is Hannah Moody Photography and click here to find out more information :)