Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top Ten List - "Megow Parenting Pearls" ;)

10) It is scientifically proven that 63% of all children believe bread crusts count as vegetables and cannot be consumed under any circumstances. This brown edged monstrosity must be removed before any sandwich can be edible. Don’t fight them on it. They know.

“Dad, you know I’m not eating that crust. 
It looks ‘crusty'. Gross”
-  Actual quote from one of my children

9) When hoping to get a good family photo, have a game plan. Pretty much everyone (except the genius who thought family portraits would be a great idea) is dreading them. Some people schedule fun activities afterwards, others use threats, I actually prefer to bring a surprise prop to get a smile at the perfect time. My last portrait of the kids, I brought along their “fart gun”. Right before I snapped the pictures, I utilized the “power of the fart” smile technique. Works like a charm every time.

Disclaimer: The power of the prop will diminish remarkably; so use wisely.

8) Learn our children’s love languages. It not only helps connect with our kids, but will save a lot of time/resources. When we know how they prefer to receive love, it makes our job extremely easier. Also, it helps tremendously with discipline.

Take Titus for example. For so long I just thought he was just sad when he would go off to play by himself. Learning that his primary love language is Words of Encouragement, helped show me that he does have some introverted traits and is extremely content playing by himself at times. He enjoys his alone time more than I. He truly treasures when people tell him how proud they are of him and why they love him. That was never a thing for me, so I had to learn how to do that more.  Now that I know that’s what he craves, I can see his little eyes light up when I can pour directly into his “love tank”.

Also, I am cautious when it comes to verbally disciplining him. He’s extremely sensitive to harsh words. Not saying that I don’t do it, but I’m just extra mindful and really careful when explain things when he is in trouble.

7) I’ve learned to slow my roll with my kids’ left overs at mealtime. Yeah, that mac and cheese looks good, but trust me those kid food calories add up quick. :) 

Just say no!! hahaha

6) Kids will always make a mess; they (maybe just mine) seem to crave creating them. It’s a good idea to be proactive and have a supervised “good mess” than kid charged “bad mess”.  Go ahead and plan structured “mess time” like some art or some sort of hands on science experiment.

Good Mess Situation

Bad Mess Situation (thanks internet)
However, we have had a similar thing happen :)

5) Phenergan is worth its weight in gold. Seriously, keep that junk STOCKED.

4) Back to farts, babies make the perfect scapegoat. I loved having a little tiny. I could fart anytime/anywhere.

“Don’t look at me. It was the baby.”

3) I’ve learned to not be so rigid with my parenting philosophies. As long as the core things are covered, I allow for shift and flux in certain areas.

Before kids: “ I’m never just going to plop my kids down in front of the TV.”

After kids: “Ok guys, here’s some pop tarts and the remote. You can watch Wild Kratts while I go sit inside the empty bathtub with the door shut and eat my pop tart alone in the dark. Remember the rule, no hitting and your spit is exactly that, ‘your spit’. Please don’t give each other cat baths.”

2) Let’s go back to #9 (Family Photos). If all else fails, don’t be afraid of Photoshop that junk. The world will never know… Unless you tell them on your public blog. :D

The picture I posted on Facebook.

The Truth. :)
It was really a combination of my best two shots of the day. 
So in reality...


 photo output_8Qd8TQ_zps6jgsm3w9.gif
Sneaky Seth.

1) Remember, Fun can be Free!!! Don’t worry about buying all of these fancy things or spending an arm and a leg taking your kids to “fun places”. True that stuff is awesome! However, it’s also important to remember that with a little bit of planning and a few bucks, we can create the fun ourselves! Those little self-planned activities are the best and end up as the sweetest memories :)


Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


  1. still laughing over the crust quote. if that's an actual picture of a sandwich I'm impressed by the "crust avoiding" skills displayed! Photo shop can definitely be awesome! The kid love languages are so important! I read that book several years ago and then a few years later and probably will read it again when I become an active foster mom. You're right trips and events are great but the stuff at home can be fun too and create awesome memories!

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