Sunday, July 9, 2017


For so long, I've had this little idea of a fun idea of a t-shirt for the blog. Finally about two months ago I decided it would be a good time to pull the trigger on the idea. I explained it to my kids and Stevie jumped all over it. She and I worked together drawing and designing the shirts. All of the artwork/design was done by us :D Then we contacted a local company who helped us get our design on fabric. They turned out great and the price was extremely reasonable. (Non-sponsored personal side note: Todd at Arrow Screenprinting was so kind and fun to work with. I highly recommend him.)

I explained to the kids that besides it being fun that other people will be actually wearing our family's artwork, it will also give them some spending money on our little family vacation this year. So we all chipped in (the kids did odd jobs and sold a few things to raise a little money) and bought the first round of shirts.

So without further ado, here's our new family/blog t-shirt. I am in love with how they turned out. They are so stinkin' cute and fun!

Stevie is SO SO PROUD of these shirts!! 

The shirts are $10 a piece. So far, I have sizes Adult Small-XXL available. I'm not going to set up a fancy online store or anything on the blog. I really don't like of my blog being a source of income (which is why I never will monetize or put ads here). However, I do think this is a neat way to show the kids how business works. They helped design the product, helped raise some money to print them, and now will help me sell them to again give them each a little spending money on our family vacation. That being said, if you are interested in purchasing a shirt, just shoot me a message through the blog facebook page or send me an email ( & we can meet up somewhere with the shirt(s). Also if you don't live close to us, we could ship them to you for an extra $3 a piece. If you can't afford $10 for a shirt but would still like one, message me and let me know. I can work with you to get you one at cost :)

So again, just message me or shoot me an email ( if you are interested.

Thanks for all of the support! My kids can't wait to sell you a shirt ;)Hahahaha

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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