Sunday, October 22, 2017

Megow Life Tips

I’ve been listening to kids give advice to each other lately. It’s been pretty entertaining. So tonight at dinner, I jotted down some life issues and asked the kids to give “our website” readers their advice regarding said issues. The conversation was getting fun, so I joined in too. Enjoy!

Megow Life Tip - "Developing Hobbies and Cultivating Interests"

Stevie: “Do you have hands? If yes, make art. If you don’t have hands but you are smart, you can do math. If you don’t have hands and you aren’t smart, you can take naps.”

Neela: “If you have to take a bath after it, then it’s a fun thing to do.”

Titus: “I like to do things that I can wear a costume for. So if you don’t have anything fun to do, you should just have a costume party with your friends.”

Olive: “What’s a hobby… Oh, what do I like to do? Hmmm… I like to eat chocolate. Dat’s mine. Eat chocolate.”

Seth: “I always hear people say ‘Do what makes you happy’. I don’t really know about that. Happiness comes and goes through various seasons of life. So I think I would say, ‘Do what brings you joy’. Because even when life is at its absolute worst and there’s no place in your heart for happiness, there’s always room for joy. Happiness seems external, while joy is more deep rooted.

Megow Life Tip - "Shopping"

Stevie: “Don’t shop anywhere unless they sell food their too. Like if you’re buying clothes, make sure they sell snacks at that store too. Eating while you shop is the best part.”

Neela: “If you don’t know where something is, don’t ask a worker for help. Ask a person who doesn’t work there. It’s really funny.”

Titus: “Whenever we go to the store, we always bring in shopping carts inside for the workers. Store workers work hard and everyone needs to be nice and help them.”

Olive: “Always ride in the cart.”

Seth: “Thrift Stores!! It’s not only about the price, but it’s like a treasure hunt!”

Megow Life Tip - "Reducing Stress and Relaxing"

Stevie: “I saw a book in a store. It was called ‘Adults get rid of stress’. I guess just buy that book. And maybe adopt a cat.”

Neela: “Umm dad…I never relax. I can tell people how to be hyper all the time instead?”

Titus: “Eat a snack. Love God. Have another snack. Watch a show. Eat dinner. Play with your friends. Eat another snack.”

Olive: “Drink milk and have cuddle time.”

Seth: “Learn to relax when life is at its absolute insanity phase. Then when things level out, you just live in permanent chill mode and none of life’s little speed bumps can get you too frazzled.”

Megow Life Tip - "Making New Friends"

Stevie: “Step 1) Learn their name. Step 2) Tell them jokes. Step 3) Draw them something or write them a nice note. Step 4) You have a new friend.”

Neela: “I normally just roar at people like a lion. If they play lions with me, we are new friends. If they run away, I make up new imaginary friends that like to play lions.”

Titus: “Be nice to everyone, but especially girls. They are the best friends I like to have because they are fun and pretty. Plus girls like when boys are nice to them.”

Olive: “I play with people and then they are my friends.”

Seth: “Approach every stranger as a potential friend and treat them like a current friend.”

Megow Life Tip- "Taking Tests"

Stevie: “Use your brain and study. If you don’t study, you will do bad. This is not complicated people”

Neela: “Eat the test. Then say your dog ate it. Then when your teacher says ‘I saw you eat the test’, just run outside and be a real dog.”

Titus: “Tests? You mean like YouTube challenges? I guess just watch a bunch of YouTube. Just not Annoying Orange. That show says bad words.

Olive: *stares blankly at me and does three consecutive extremely long blinks while grimacing.* Apparently, Olive is not a fan of the word ‘test’.

Seth: “Studying is all about good snacks. I make flashcards, and whenever I learn a flashcard, I get a bite of my snack.”

Megow Life Tip - "Finding Lost Objects Around the House"

Stevie: “Look for clues, find evidence, talk to people, and look in holes.”

Neela: “Normally, I get really mad when I lose something. Then I run and run around because I’m so mad. When I’m done running around, I’m tired and can’t remember what I lost or why I was running. So then I'm happy again."

Titus: “Always keep a magnifying glass in your underwear drawer.”

Olive: “I don’t look for things. I cry instead. Then people help me find it.”

Seth: “Have a ‘good finder of the house’ competition to find whatever you lost. Kids love being asked to find things. I’ve made an aluminum foil ‘champion finder hat’ for the last kid who found my cell phone”

Megow Life Tip - "Staying Healthy"

Stevie: “Only drink water. It is the healthiest. Except for at bedtime; then you can drink some chocolate milk.”

Neela: “I lick myself clean. That’s called a cat bath. If you are a cat, then you don’t need to be healthy because even if you die, you have nine lives.”

Titus: “I exercise everyday. I do pushups, jumpin jacks, and these... *spins around in a circle before crouching down in some sort of ninja pose*

Olive: “I like bubble baths at night time.”

Seth: “Drink coffee in the morning. It helps keep you on a normal poop schedule :)”

Megow Life Tip - "Making and Saving Money"
Stevie: “I keep my money in my private box. I don’t spend it until I really really want something.”

Neela: “Money? Dad, can I have $5?”

Titus: “People throw pennies on the ground. I don’t know why they leave them there, I pick them up and save them in my bank. I have so so many pennies now.”

Olive: “When you lose a tooth, you get rich.”

Seth: “Find free hobbies and friends who are happy to be fed sandwiches and water when they come over. Hahaha”

Megow Life Tip - "Keeping a Clean House"

Stevie: “Gross… cleaning. I don’t mean to clean things that are gross. I mean it is gross to clean things.”

Neela: “I pretend to clean, but I really just go to sleep under my bed.”

Titus: “I like to surprise people by cleaning their rooms for them.”

Olive: “Flush poop down the potty, right daddy?”

Seth: *laughs*

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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