Thursday, January 18, 2018

Things That Make You Smile

My friend recently showed me a book very similar to this idea called "Happiness is". I read it and completely loved it! So this wasn't totally my original idea; however, I just wanted to make my own with a Megow spin on it :)

Being able to pick out our own clothes

Catching your first big fish

When you don’t feel well and your dog cuddles with you

Experiencing your first snow

Checking out books from the library

When you find the perfect present to give your dad for Christmas

A cold drink on a hot day

Using resources on hand to build something you need

Fun class projects at school

Winning a trophy

Someone throwing you a surprise party

Holding daddy’s hand

Board game nights

The 'Comments' section of the internet

Catching a monster bullfrog with your buddy

Organizing your crayon box by color

Holding a newborn puppy

Spending time with best friends

Getting past your ugly duckling stage

When your son accidentally makes an innocent birthday party family photo to PG-13

Finding/cutting down your own Christmas tree and seeing it come together into a magical sight

Sunday School

Surprise letters/blessings from strangers

When your dog lets you dress him up

Getting to hold a baby at work

Surprise visits with your grandma

Losing your first tooth

Rediscovering old, favorite photos of loved ones that have passed

Making unique self-portraits

Winning a costume contest

Drifting away into a peaceful and beautiful ice cream coma 
(Which apparently is common in our house, when looking for a picture I had MULTIPLE occasions to choose from. Hahahaha)

Creating the perfect holiday card

You and your Mimi giving each other makeovers

Going to your first monster truck show

Springtime flowers

The first swim of the year

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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  1. All the little things I have taken for granted... You just reminded me to slow down, smell the roses, and look for more smiles.
    Thank you <3