Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top 10 List - Last Week of School Parent Activities

10) Make sure the snooze button works on your morning alarm because you’ve saved up enough extra tardy chances for your kids to be late every day this week and still avoid the truancy officer call

9) Duct tape the straps on their book bag and cringingly reassure them "you only have to use this for a FEW more days!" 

8) Carelessly watching your kid pack their own snack for school that consists of them digging through the lucky charms box to dig out all of the marshmallows and combining them into a zip-lock bag already filled with pizza flavored goldfish

7) Getting ultra pumped for all of the end of year artwork coming home soon!! (For real, this is seriously like Christmas!!)

6) Trying to rent a movie for Friday night that they haven’t already watched that week in one of their 4 different end of year school parties

5) Digging out a pen in the car from under the driver’s seat while waiting in the school drop-off line to sign all of the end of year activity release forms that you completely forgot about until you see the giant blow-up bounce houses outside of the classrooms

4) Being extra nice to school administrators to make up for all of the school fundraiser papers that mysteriously found themselves at the bottom of the pile of junk mail on the kitchen counter

3) Having to re-download the classroom notification app to your phone because your child deleted it to make storage room to record twelve solid minutes of her sister doing cannonballs in the pool the previous weekend

2) Thinking to yourself that your kids’ outfits look pretty good until you see them walking with all of the other kids, but realize it’s too late to change them and too late in the school year to care.

1) Thank Thank Thank the teachers!!!! Remind them they only have a few more days of enduring things like having to listen to your child’s only knock-knock joke for the 43rd time.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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