Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Big Girl Olive and Her First Megow Scheme

Olive has recently blossomed into a her own little personality. It’s so fun to see. For quite some time, she was just the “baby” of the family, never really adopting her own little interests and quirks. She (probably like most youngest siblings) just kind of did what everyone else wanted to do.

She’s 3 now and turning 4 in February and kind of rules the house in her mind at least ;) . Lately, she has been sort of taking the lead in playtime. Either she’s the princess and everyone else are her pets, or she’s Minnie Mouse and everyone else are her pets. Hahaha. She likes to be in charge and is pretty much my first diva.

Olive's ultra cute school portrait this year. 
Side note: Dad's got that side ponytail skills on point, son.

Out of all my kids, Olive loves school the most. I think this has to do with her coming out of her shell. She’s learning that people enjoy her little, silly personality. That is helping her make friends. Her maturing and developing her own interests has given her more confidence at home too. Before the kids just kind of viewed her as a little tag along ready to destroy anything sort of creation they made; now, they see more of her uniqueness and enjoy playing with her much more now.

Her speech and vocabulary have also really improved. It seems the past month or two, I find myself having actual conversations with her. It’s super fun J For so long, she struggled to express what she wanted to say. She’s been saying big words (for her) lately and I just kind of look at her like “Aren’t you a baby? How can you talk like this?” Here are some of the words she has used recently and the way she used them:

Romantic – “Daddy, those Christmas lights are so romantic.”

Internet – “The internet is where Minnie Mouse Clubhouse lives”

Crap (dad’s fault. I’m sorry world) – “Crap! This drink tastes good. What is this?!” (It was cranberry ginger ale, so I understand her strong reaction.)

Accessories – “I’m a princess and I need accessories.”

Speaking of accessories, she refuses to walk out the door without some sort of bling. She has multiple glitter hats, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc. She picks them out on her own everyday. On the rare occasion she forgets to put one on, she will just improvise. The other day she was at my office and forgot her bracelet in the car, so I found her drawing all over her arm with a sharpie. Hey kid, whatever floats your boat.

However, she's not opposed to a fireman's hat from time to time ;)

She’s also started helping out with little chores across the house. Her favorite job is to squirt people’s ketchup on their dinner plate. (Fun Fact: I can’t stand the smell, texture, or sight of ketchup. My kids know this and enjoy seeing me gag) She takes putting her shoes in the shoe basket really serious as well. Also, I recently did a massive cleaning/purge of my house, so now Olive can clean her own room. It’s not really used that much, but she loves running in there and putting her blocks up. She is so proud that she is doing big kid stuff.

It might also be that she got her hair cut recently. She got ahold of Titus’s ooze stuff and “washed” her hair with it. I tried to get it out for quite a while, then to save her from any more tears and me from any more headache, I just did a quick dad cut. It actually turned out pretty good, considering the only hair styling I have ever done is puffing out my afro, buzzing my head with clippers, or trimming my chest/stomach hair into fun symbols and patterns. But back to her hair cut, she just seems so much mature with her little bob style. I constantly get her and Neela confused now. 

Olive is just too cute. She knows it too ;)

So I guess I’ll end this little post with a fun recent Olive story. It’s a good example of her being a little ringleader. I’m for real; she takes charge in our house. It’s pretty hilarious to watch her.

So like normal, I use my late nights for cleaning, laundry, finishing up stuff for work, blogging, or doing random crap (Sorry Olive. I’ll try to stop using that word). Speaking of random late night activities, this is what I did last Friday night.

Doesn’t this make you want to cuddle with me by the fire ;)

Anyways, one night last week, I hadn’t slept much in a few nights and was trying to finish up a few different things. Well, I got to sleep around 3-4am. This hardly ever happens, but I woke up to a quiet house with just the sound of my alarm going off. Normally, I wake up everyday around 6:30am; however, I looked at my clock and it was 7:45! I sat there trying to gather my thoughts, then jumped up and sprinted into the living room to find all 4 of my kids all sitting around completely silent in the living room eating pop tarts. They were just sitting there smiling. I was a little frantic

Me-“Guys! What are you doing?! Why didn’t you wake me up? Why aren’t you dressed?”

Stevie is still the spokeperson of the group

Stevie (Nervously) – “Well, we were letting you sleep.”

Me – “No. You guys didn’t wake me up on purpose. You are never this quiet unless something is going on.”

Stevie (Still Nervous) – “Ok. Here’s what happened. I was going to wake you up, but Olive told me not to. She said we could watch movies and not go to school, if you didn’t wake up. She gave us pop tarts to eat.”

Seth (Looking at Olive) – “Olive….”

Right when I said this, Olive (who is actually butt naked) locks eyes with me, slowly slips her pop tart in her mouth, and then runs to her room laughing hysterically.

It was hard to be mad. I mean I did get upset, but I couldn’t be too mad since I’m the one who overslept. I keep that image of them “huddled together in their underwear being completely silent while taking slow chews of pop tarts to minimize chew noise” in my brain and it makes me laugh out loud every time. I somewhat love that Olive kind of planned her first Megow scheme.

As always,

Be Blessed and Remember You are a Blessing!

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