Friday, September 29, 2017

Being a Light

If anyone follows the news, watches tv, uses social media, or even just has basic conversations with people, they have probably noticed the tension in our country. I mean it’s everywhere, argument after argument, accusation after accusation, opinion after opinion. It is starting to make me extremely sad. I think this post is just going to be short, little write up about how I feel about all of this brewing anger and dividedness.

First, I’m not big on giving my viewpoints on things. I despise debating. There are always facts to support every side of an argument. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with sharing opinions. I just feel there is a difference in explaining why we feel a certain why vs. knowing we are right and the other people are wrong. It’s important for us to defend what’s important to us. Also, I don’t think that my passive approach is the best method. If I did that, it would be just like thinking that I’m right and other people are wrong. Honestly, I can’t begin to comprehend the amazing number of personalities and mindsets that God has programmed in each of us. That’s probably the reason that I try to stay publically neutral on hot button issues. I never want to get so entrenched in my own opinions that I’m blinded to a certain group of people’s feelings or past experiences.

Now when I said I don’t like to debate or share my opinion on many things, that does not mean that I am blind to issues or ignore them. I just feel kindness, patience, compassion, joy, and love are my main tactic. Simply being kind to people I encounter each day is basically my entire approach to life :D Loving people where they are. Sharing love with someone can break barriers much more effectively than sharing opinions. Buying someone breakfast, truly listening during a conversation, sacrificing some personal time to help a neighbor organize their garage, complimenting someone’s hard work, giving a friend a hug when it’s needed, or just smiling when you pass someone in the hallway are things that just fill people’s heart with warmth.  Leaving people feeling more valuable than how I found them is my goal. I’m convinced that making someone feel less than or casting guilt will never result in anything positive. All of the smarts, time spent, and energy invested won’t amount to anything lastingly positive if it’s presented in a way that belittles another. One good litmus test I give myself is that if I speak solely with the intention to put a negative image of someone in the mind of the person I’m talking with then it’s not of God and I just need to be quiet. Hahahah. It’s pretty effective :) 

I’m just so relieved that I not commanded to change minds. I don’t have to worry about isolating people that He might have on my path in the future. He didn’t call me to change minds. In fact, He didn’t call me to change hearts either, because He told us that He’s got that taken care of. He just told us to love Him and love people. It’s just that simple. And I love that. 

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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  1. I LOVE the litmus test. That's a good tool to remember. Your positivity is contagious.