Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Megow Kids Q&A - American Pride

1) What do you love most about America?

Stevie –“ Because my friends are here. And I like the Fun Factory in the mall.”

Neela - “There are farms."

Titus - “I love helping people and I love Jesus. I like those things the most.”

Olive – “When baby animals get hungry, I take care of them in America.”


2) If you had to rename America, what new name would you choose?

Stevie – “Poop under the rug”

Neela - “The Puppy Bed”

Titus – “I say ‘Place of the World’ or ‘Spy Club’. I can’t decide... * pauses in deep thought* Ok. I decided ‘Spy Club’. Everyone can be spies in Spy Club America… Wait… *pauses again, this time with a clear sense of worried concentration* Well, I don’t think there is enough trenchcoats and hats for everyone to be a spy. So I say ‘Place of the World’ now.”

Olive – “Mrs. Rose’s Cabinet”


3) If you had to pick a new National Anthem, what would it be?

Stevie - “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”

Neela - “Who let the dogs out”

Titus - “Drive my Car” (By the Beatles)

Olive - *leans head back and gargles spit in mouth*


4) Who was the first President?

Stevie – “George Washington”

Neela – “George Washington”

Titus – “George Washington”

Olive *holding up finger* - “My finger hurts”


5) What important thing happened on July 4, 1776?

Stevie – “They invented chicken nuggets? … I’m just kidding. I know it wasn’t that. But I think the day they invented chicken nuggets is still an important day.”

Neela – “Jesus married God?”

Titus – “Is that the day I learned to snap my fingers?”

Olive – “I was asleep that day.”


6) Who should the new president and why?

Stevie – “Ms. Cowart, because she is so pretty and nice and she loves cats, and the best teacher ever… Besides my other teachers... *pauses* … They can all take turns being president.”

Neela – “Dad. Because you have the nicest beard and are the most handsome.”

Titus – “Ms. Leslie, my speak teacher, is because she is nice and sweet. I think she would be a good president because she hugs me.”

Olive – “Mrs. Rose. Because then I can move out of this house and live with her.”


7) Why America is called the melting pot?

Stevie *laughing* – “Dad, you’re hilarious. It’s the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Not a pot. Nice try daddy.”

Neela – “We go into a pot and the president boils us up and eats us.”

Titus – “George Washington had a pot and it melted.”

Olive - “Daddy, my finger hurts” *holds up finger*


8) What does the word “Congress” mean?

Stevie – “Cons living in grass?”

Neela – “A concert with people riding on horses?”

Titus – “Dancing on a stage?”

Olive - “I am going to die if I don’t get a band-aid for my finger”


9) If you had to pick a new national animal, what would you pick?

Stevie – “Dragons. Only greens ones though. Red ones are too mean.”

Neela – “Golden Bamboo Lemur. They are almost extinct so I can save them.”

Titus – “Shark”

Olive *laying on floor, pressing face into the tile, and holding up finger* - “I’m dead now”


10) If you were president, what would you do on your first day?

Stevie – “Go on TV and say “Poopy pants”. Then the whole world will think America is the funniest because their president tells good jokes.”

Neela - “Humans have to wear tails on their butts.”

Titus – “Make people live with their parents and take care of them when they are old.”

Olive *after being given a bandaid for her finger and instantaneously being revived* - “Drink Koolaid and lay in daddy’s bed.”


11) If you were elected president, what clothes would wear to give your first big speech?

Stevie – “A shirt with a cat and my shorts… so I don’t get hot.”

Neela – “Spiked Porcupine Suit, so I can kill snakes without using a shovel.”

Titus – “A plain red shirt and red soft coat and a cool hat and red gloves. Everything I wear would be red. Except my hat. That would be dark red.”

Olive – “Naked.”


12) If you were elected president, what would your first big speech be about?

Stevie – “I would do an art lesson. I would show them how to draw a white cat.”

Neela – “Save the animals and the forest.”

Titus – “I would teach everyone my workout moves so they can be this strong.” *flexes muscles*

Olive – “Can we be done with questions now? This is boring.”

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

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