Thursday, February 25, 2016

Friday Fun Facts 2/26/16

1) Neela has warts on her leg. She has named them: Stinky, Coo coo clock, Joe, and Diamond. “Diamond is the naughty one. He gets in trouble.”

2) Titus is really into sharks and dinosaurs, but like real sharks and dinosaurs. He loves the raw, unfiltered look of nature. I took them to the library today and he asked the librarian if they had any books with “sharks or dinosaurs with blood dripping off their teeth from eating”. This is what we found…

He loves this freaking book.

He also insisted on bloody teeth on his shark valentine’s box. Hahaha

3) Olive is into this thing where she likes me to take pictures of her. But then when I bring up the camera on my phone she acts bashful. The other day I took a few pictures, showed her the pictures, and explained “you need to smile” in a picture. She looked at the pictures, pointed to one where she looked shy and not looking at the camera, and said “No daddy, I look cute like this.”

4) One of my little quirks is that I keep my texting “read receipts” on and love when others do. I don’t see anything wrong with not displaying them at all and only have like 3 friends who display them. I just think it’s one of those open and transparent traits that I love to see in people.

5) The other day Titus peed on a dead lizard

6) I couldn’t figure out how to do something on my phone, so before I could google it, Stevie took my phone to her room for a minute. She came back and had figured it out herself. She showed me and said “I want to teach people computer things like you do when I grow up.” :)

7) Tonight Neela literally asked me for a “sweaty hot dog” for dinner.

8) Olive is going through this super cute "always wants to wear a knit beanie" phase

9) The other day I was rushed getting my kids ready so I didn't have time to iron my shirt, so I grabbed a sweater to wear at work to cover up my wrinkly shirt. When I got to the work parking lot and put on my sweater, I realized the dog peed on it and it couldn’t be worn. So I just carried around a bunch of cords and equipment that day trying to hide my wrinkly shirt. Hahaha

10) Stevie likes to make little puzzles and clues for things. I found my phone like this and asked if she changed it.

She said yes and that it’s a clue for what she wants to do this weekend. After awhile of clueless guessing, she gave me hints that word “dog” is in the name. So she told me, she wants to go “Dog Quincidence” (Pronounced: coincidence). Finally, I gathered enough clues to figure out that the day we got our dog, we went to Dairy Queen (DQ). Pretty much, Stevie made the background on my phone a puppy to tell me she wants an Oreo Blizzard.

11) Neela likes to watch Scooby Doo. She told me she likes the show because she wants to marry Fred. "He's so handsome and he is good at building traps. He can catch me all of the aminals I want"

All about that ascot

Be Blessed,

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