Monday, February 1, 2016

Baking Marbles and a Phenergan Coma

Here's a little recap of our weekend.

Saturday morning the kids were so pumped to do our little weekend project. We saw this little video on baked/cooling marbles. 

The kids thought it was really neat so I said we could give it a shot. Really it only cost me a dollar to buy a bag of marbles. So it was an easy, cheap way to entertain the kiddos.  Here’s a little walkthrough on how the process when for us. It was such a simple little craft

1) Get Marbles. J 

2)We separated the ones we wanted to bake.
The video said clear ones work the best, so that’s what we used for baking

3) Put them in a pan

4) Bake them at 500F for around 20 minutes

5) After baking, pour them in ice water. And that's it. Easy Peasy!

Our plan is to make necklaces with the “diamond marbles” as the kids like to call them

Later that day Neela caught a big millipede and we visited with my Aunt Suzanne and Mimi. It was a fun day. We ended Saturday with a blanket fort and hot chocolate.
We compromised about this outfit. 
She would wear her cute hat and shirt dad picked out if...

she was allowed to wear these goofy looking bedtime slippers:) hahaha

Nature Neela strikes again

Aunt Suzanne is the coolest. 
She's an actor. The reason we went over there was to help her film an audition for a tv show :)

If you aren't substituting marshmallow creme for the traditional marshmallows, 
you are really missing out on the some good chocolate froth ;)

However, I woke up late Saturday night/early Sunday morning around 4am puking my guts out. I wasn’t really thinking and took a Phenergan. I was able to fall back asleep until around 8:30am, when I woke up to the sound of Titus screaming at the top of his lungs for everyone to quit eating the peanut butter he scooped into his power ranger mask. (Apparently, food located within superhero mask bowl is a prized possession). I was debating on getting the kids dressed and going to church. We missed two weeks due to being out of town and Olive being sick, but when I went to brush my teeth I was walking like a member of the Walking Dead so I decided we would stay home. (My body doesn’t handle Phenergan well). Anyways, I wanted to kind of summarize how Sunday went through my eyes:

Half way asleep. Half way dead. :D hahahaha

Mostly, I just sat on the couch trying to stay awake and focused on the kids. However, I was kind of too tired to actually get involved in any activities. I think the kids loved me just sitting their bug eyed and totally out of it, because they really let their feral flag fly. Their game was to get a huge ball of yarn and make a spiderweb in the living room. That thing was legit, and it was everywhere. Olive got trapped in the web, then fell into a pile of dog poop on the floor (thanks Madison). In slow motion I got up to cleanup this mess. While I was totally zoned out and scrubbing Olive, I heard a noise in the kitchen. So I turned my head around again in ssslllloooowwww motion to see Neela butt naked running around the kitchen with the dog on her leash eating fruit loops out of a cup. I just kind of zone into this trance of watching her run around in circles and spilling the cereal everywhere while Stevie is singing “What does the fox say?” in its entirety over and over.  A sudden (and accidental) Olive kick to the groin snapped me back into the reality of dog poop and yarn spiderwebs.

It was a rough, but entertaining day. The kids surprised me by unloading and loading up the dishwasher and doing a photoshoot of Madison. I love my kids. They are the coolest ever.

They look all of these pictures themselves. 
The kids even used the artsy black and white filter.
I was impressed on how good the pictures turned out.

PS. I'm still operating around 40%, so sorry if this post was a little less than par :)

Be Blessed

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  1. The outfit compromise, with the slippers, priceless! I used to give 3 outfit options in order to avoid epic meltdowns. I learned to do this after the epic Easter meltdown that lasted 2 hours over shiny shoes...
    So sorry the stomach bug hit! Sounds like quite the day! Hopefully no one else in the house has to experience it!
    The Madison pictures are certainly impressive!