Monday, May 9, 2016

Seth's Parenting Confessionals

I think as a parent, there’s so much pressure to be perfect. We always just project a perfect image in our heads of what “parenting” should look like to impress other people. Everyone thinks that everyone else has it together. Really, no one does. I know some amazing parents, but I promise even the “pro’est of pro parents” have their little secrets ;) My favorite quote about is “Raising kids is like trying to nail jello to a tree”. Hahaha.  So here’s a list of stuff that I own up to. Not proud of them, just telling it like it is.

Seth’s parenting confessionals:

My kids probably eat too much pizza and chicken nuggets.

Before house guests, I have been known to throw all of the mounds of laundry into my bedroom, lock the door from the inside, climb out through the window, and go in through the front door. Then I know no one will wander into my bedroom during the event.

I probably dress them in the wrong season or let them wear “cleanish” clothes more than I should.

They watch tv when I get time to nap.

I sometimes am secretly so happy when a kid in public is having a total meltdown and it’s not one of mine.

Most of the veggies they eat are either steamable packs or out of the can.

My kids know the tooth fairy isn’t real.  A few days after receiving their dollar in exchange, they found their tooth in our “junk drawer”

I yell at my kids more than I should.

At times, I’m looking at my phone rather than watching them play or playing with them.

Kool-aid is the drink of choice of the Megow kids (besides Stevie, she’s all water)

Sometimes instead of showing them how to do a certain task, I just do it myself because it’s so much faster.

At times, when I feel overly frustrated I will send everyone to their rooms (even if only maybe one or two deserve it)

I don’t read to my kids as much as I should.

We have had one of those slap sticky hands stuck to the ceiling for about 2 months.

I still have one kid or another in my bed at night every night.

I taught my kids how to churn up fake throw up in their mouth.

Sometimes, I tell my kids that “I’m doing work” so I can watch a tv show.

When they were younger, it was a struggle trying to remember to brush teeth.

Every single plant brought home from school dies the same day.

I keep forgetting to change the lightbulb in my bathroom toilet room, so we poop/pee in the dark in the bathroom .

I’ve used “being a parent” to get out of certain events. (yikes)

I’m not as involved in my kids school as I should be.

I’ve never done those little worksheets with my kids, that they send home after children’s church on Sunday.

Sometimes, I put my kids to bed in their school clothes just to save time.

I sometimes "stage" social media pictures of the kids to make them seem cuter or funner.

During cooler months, we’ve been known to skip baths probably more than we should.

Sometimes, I will just say certain things are off limits (songs, shows, etc.) without actually listening or researching them. I just assume they are bad.

I always check “sack lunch from school” on my kids field trip forms.         

I’ve said more than once “just flip the underwear inside out”

Most days, I will admit that I have no idea what I’m doing. I think we are all just doing this whole parenting thing one step at a time.

However, my kids feel loved and love others. That pretty much trumps everything in my mind.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,



  1. Haha! You know many of my biggest parenting secrets.

  2. Ha-ha. Real real. Here's another helpful hope for you. My adult children don't remember SOME of my flaws in the parenting department. They say things like, "Mom, you were so patient." I respond. "Patient?!? That was pure exhaustion, don't you remember me weepimg quietly in the corner?" Feeling loved and knowing how to love are THE key takeaways to shoot for so I think you got this.

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  4. You are teaching them the only thing that really matters, love and how to love others!

  5. Just read your blog for the first time. Great stuff! Made me laugh. It s been a few decades since our kids were young enough to notice the difference between "good" and "getting by" parenting. And then they become teenagers! God bless!

  6. Ha ha Ha ! "Sometimes, I tell my kids that “I’m doing work” so I can watch a tv show" This is something I do too but I always get caught :)

  7. Ha ha Ha ! "Sometimes, I tell my kids that “I’m doing work” so I can watch a tv show" This is something I do too but I always get caught :)

  8. Until my children had electronics, there were nights (more nights than I care to admit) when I set all of the digital clocks forward because I NEEDED to "clock out"......for at least a few hours.....until someone needed water, had a bad dream, or was dying of growing pains that for some reason only happen during the MIDDLE of the night!