Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Neatest Adventure Ever

So last week the kids and I drove out to my parents' house in Alabama. They spent a few days with their Mamaw and Paw while I had to travel somewhere. I spent the first night at my parents' house with the kids.

Neela and Olive wanted to go outside and explore the woods. The weather felt wonderful, so of course I agreed.  It started off like a regular outside adventure: picking flowers, finding giant rocks, discovering little bugs and "aminals", etc. Little did I know, we were about to discover the neatest find ever!!

As we went a little deeper into the woods behind my parents house, we found this old abandoned and weather damaged shed. 

Of course, being explorers we had to check it out. I walked Olive back to the house before we started exploring. It seemed like a big kid adventure (nails, thorns, etc.). So it was just me and Neela; we were both super excited to start digging around. 

(the inside of the building)

As we started to dig around, we soon discovered that this old building was full of random, neat objects from the 1980's. We dug around for awhile and found some super neat stuff, but it was all extremely weather damaged.

(We found a ton of vintage Barbie's, a Dreamhouse, and several old Barbie cars) 

(Piles of old Matchbox Cars)

Digging up those old toys was super fun, but besides the Matchbox cars they were way too ruined to play with or enjoy. However, as we were walking out, Neela noticed two boxes that were sealed shut. We both freaked out from excitement. It was seriously so exciting. The neatest part was they were so heavy and we had no clue what was inside of them. So after quite a few minutes of digging and prying I was about to drag them out of the old building.

Neela wanted to open them right then, but I convinced her that we (meaning Seth) should carry (drag) them back to the house. hahaha. So we did. They were extremely heavy and super well built. Anyways, once we reached the house, Neela ran inside and got the kids for the big unveiling of what was in our two surprise treasure boxes. We hadn't even peaked inside of them until this moment, so I took a video of them being opened. (It's super short but so neat).

So fun!

I honestly can't even imagine how excited they were. I mean as an adult and finding boxes of unopened toys I was beside myself. Can you even imagine being a kid and finding wooden "treasure chests" full of vintage unopened toys?!?! 

Here's close ups at some of the things we found in the boxes...

There was also an old journal (no name) with some old flyers of concerts, 
some killer shades, and some 45 records.

The other neat part was the we found some real "not live" grenades at the bottom of the box. Then we noticed the box was labeled "USA DOD" and "Special Fireworks". hahahaha. Again, don't worry they are not live. 

It was seriously one of my favorite events ever! We still have the boxes and are using them in Titus's room to keep his toys in. :D

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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