Monday, August 1, 2016

Q&A with the Megow kids

School is starting up this week. This time of year, I always see those little questionnaire's pop up on Facebook. You know the ones about "Favorite Book? Favorite Food?" So I thought it would be fun to do one with my kids.

I recorded and typed their responses verbatim. Enjoy!

What do you want to learn about this year in school?
Stevie: “Math and how to draw shadows.”
Neela: “Science, ‘aminals’, and fun celebrations. Birthday parties are my favorite school days. The other days are boring unless I learn about nature.”
Titus: “How to wear black clothes and sneak.”
Olive: “What’s in my belly button?” (lifts up shirt)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Stevie: “A person who draws pictures of things and sends them to people to make toys out of my drawings. I think that will be fun.”
Neela:  “A rescue zoologist who lives in a tent in Africa.”
Titus: “A real hero spy”
Olive: “Feed old people”

What are you the most good at?
Stevie: “Dragon Art.”
Neela:  “Playing Dead.”
Titus: “Doing this.” (rapidly opens and closes his mouth)
Olive: “Hockey and Duck Duck Goose” (dad note: she has never seen a hockey puck or stick)

What is your secret talent?
Stevie: “Climbing Doors.”
Neela:  “Eating my hand” (makes a fist and stick it in her mouth)
Titus: “Eating Champion. See?” (pokes out belly)
Olive: “Marrying Titus. I love him and he’s my best friend.”

What is your favorite animal and why?
Stevie: “Seal. They are the cutest.”
Neela:  “Peregrine Falcon. They are the fastest flying bird. Or an Octopus. They have three hearts. ”
Titus: “Fox. They are sneaky and no one knows what they say.”
Olive: “Horse. They have the prettiest hair.”

What makes you the most happy?
Stevie: “Family time, alone time with daddy, and pranking people.”
Neela:  “Chasing my butt. I need a tail.”
Titus: “Soup.”
Olive: “Getting new sisters. I need more sisters.”

Favorite Food? Least Favorite Food?
Stevie: “I like pizza. I don’t like Skittles, Caramel, and Soda.”
Neela:  “Edamame is delicious. Tuna is gross. It smells like my pillow.”
Titus: “Ba-sketti!!!! (spaghetti) and nothing. I like every food. I love to eat all my plate… Wait, I hate carrots.”
Olive: “Daddy, I like chicken nuggets. They are yummy. I don’t like ants. They bite me.”
Dad- “No Olive, what food don’t you like to eat?”
Olive- “I like chicken nuggets”
Dad- “Ok. What food is gross?”
Olive- Daddy, I want earrings.” (while picking and eating a booger).

If you had a million dollars what would you buy?
Stevie: “Food. I won’t go to starvation.”
Neela:  “4009 puppies”
Titus: “Hot Lava and a robot shark.”
Olive: “Elsa’s head.”

Where do babies come from?
Stevie: “Digestion.”
Neela:  “Dogs carry them to parents.”
Titus: “You poop them out. Blood comes out of your butt. I’m glad boy butts don’t poop blood and babies.”
Olive: “Eating Flowers.”

If you invented something, what would it be?
Stevie: “A Diamond Dragon that makes chocolate.”
Neela:  “Vep.  I just invented that. Vep! (laughs hysterically) That’s a hilarious name for a dinosaur. I’m hilarious dad!! Wait, why aren’t you laughing? I said Vep. Did you hear it?”
Titus: “Gadgets. They are a secret in my brain. I can’t tell you or you will invent them first.”
Olive: “Babies. I want to invent a baby. And this..” (holds up an apple)

What is the funniest thing in the whole wide world?
Stevie: “When Neela farts.”
Neela:  “She’s right. When I fart. It’s loud.”
Titus: “Pee, poop, toilet, tiny toilets, blue toilets, hair on the floor.”
Olive: “Daddy makes funny faces”

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Stevie: “Neela was growling and Titus was being karate. Then I got a piece of paper to draw with. Titus said, I like your picture.”
Neela:  “We are going to get ice cream.”
Titus: “I prayed for your dead cat.”
Olive: “When you said ‘Do you want to watch Paw Patrol?’ That was being a nice daddy.”

If you had super powers what would they be?
Stevie: “Have dragon scales”
Neela:  (starts crowing like a bird and lets neck hang limp)
Titus: (laughing too hard at Neela to answer)
Olive: “Fat cats. Be fat cats.”

What is the greatest part about being you?
Stevie: “Losing my teeth. I’ve lost so many teeth.”
Neela:  “Frog hunting and hairy legs. I look like a chinchilla.”
Titus: “My family and feeding sharks at bedtime.”
Olive: “Wearing dresses and being beautiful like Minnie.”

If you could make one rule, what would it be?
Stevie: “I’m in charge.”
Neela:  “Everyone pees in litter boxes.”
Titus: “Be kind to family.”
Olive: “Don’t scream in the hallway. Don’t wake up my baby. I sing my night night song.” (starts singing the Mr. Rogers song ‘It’s you I like’.)

Whats the worst part about being a grown up?
Stevie: “You work on computers instead of play games. Plus you have to plan all of the surprises. I like getting surprised instead of planning them.”
Neela:  “Not eating treats. Just kidding, not eating my foot. For real, did you know grownups aren’t allowed to eat their feet.” (tries to stick foot in mouth) “My feet stink…. Delicious.”
Titus: “Grown-ups don’t eat snacks. I like candy the most.”
Olive: “Eat. Sleep. Die.”

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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