Thursday, December 15, 2016

Megow Kids Q&A-The Kids Describe My Future Wife

These little question and answer sessions with my kids are my favorite kind of post. I'm always on the lookout for a new theme to ask them about and since they are constantly talking about finding me a wife, I figured I would just ask them about her.

"The Kids Describe my Future Wife"

What is her job?

Stevie- “Just have a lot of cats.”

Neela- “She will just walk around our house and look all around and look at the mess we make and say, ‘Well, I guess this is my job now’…”

Titus- “Taking care of us. Making us feel safe. Loving us. And keeping her promises.”

Olive- “A teacher. And a police officer. And make cookies.”

What does she look like?

Stevie- “It doesn't matter what she looks like as long as she loves Jesus, loves daddy, and loves us. That’s what really matters.”

"Neela- "She needs to dye her hair rainbow colored and be dirty."

Titus – “She looks like someone I can trust. And she smiles a lot.”

Olive – “She has hair like me. She has pretty legs and green eyes.”

What does she smell like?

Stevie- “Pizza”

Neela- “Blueberries”

Titus- “Pretty Peach Perfume”

Olive- “Chick-fil-A”

What are her hobbies?

Stevie- “Drawing with me. And making clay cats.”

Neela- “Playing croquet dressed like a sea lion .”

Titus- “Helping people and hugging us.”

Olive- “Eating snacks and having fun with daddy.”

What is her bad habit?

Stevie- “Smelling like Neela.”

Neela- “She doesn’t like frogs.”

Titus- “She only likes plain pretzels and not pretzels and hummus.”

Olive- “She doesn't brush her teeth.”

What is her favorite food?

Stevie- “Milkshakes."

Neela- “Edamame”

Titus- “All of the food”

Olive- “Popcorn”

Where should dad take her for a first date?

Stevie- “Take her to the Fun Factory and then Cici’s pizza.”

Neela- “Take her to a farm with a lot of aminals.”

Titus- “Go to the mountains.”

Olive- “Daddy gets in his car and follows her to her house. And then goes into her house.”

What is her favorite movie?

Stevie- “Anything funny that is in the theatre. She likes to see funny movies in the theatre.”

Neela- “Home Alone.”

Titus- “Moana.”

Olive- *Falls out of chair. Completely motionless and with her face buried flat against the carpet she mutters* “Princess movies.”

Who is funnier? Her or Dad?

Stevie- “Dad.”

Neela- “Her.”

Titus- “Both. You are the same funny.”

Olive- *Gets back in chair, looks at me and smirks* “Me.”

Where is her favorite place?

Stevie- “Anywhere with daddy and me.”

Neela- “The Hockey Rink.”

Titus- “Our house.”

Olive- “McDonalds play place.”

What does she like to do on Saturdays?

Stevie- “Lay with me and eat snacks with me.”

Neela- *stands on table and sticks both arms straight up in the air* “Adopting a new dog every Saturday.”

Titus- “She does magic tricks.”

Olive- “Pick flowers at the park.”

How will you know that she is the perfect person for dad?

Stevie- “If she loves Jesus and is nice. And makes daddy smile..”

Neela- “She wears glasses.”

Titus- “She loves Jesus and is nice to daddy and is nice to us.”

Olive- “She plays with my toys with me and I hug her three times.”

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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