Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Megow Kids in 25 Years - Seth's Prediction

So I was talking to a friend today about what I should post next. I like to keep topics and post ideas fresh for all of my favorite people (you guys duh) J. She suggested I try to guess what the kids might be do and who they might be in the future. I thought that was a GREAT IDEA! So I’m excited about this post. Again (like always), I’m gonna wing this and just see where we end up.

The year is 2041. It’s been 25 rotations around the sun since everyone’s favorite year, 2016. Let’s see what our favorite Megows are up to…

Stevie (age 33)

She wakes up 5 minutes before her alarm goes up. Although Stevie is extremely professional and career driven, instead of showering and picking out clothes for work, she sits on the couch drinking coffee with a ton of cream/sugar and plays on her phone. She enjoys waking up before the rest of her family for her alone time in the mornings. Suddenly, she looks up at the clock and notices she’s running behind. Stevie is an art teacher at a local elementary school. She has her own little personal art studio, which she likes to create. However, she loves the structure of the classroom setting and having a set schedule. She dashes around and wakes up the household (her husband, her son, and her daughter). Everyone’s lunches are packed the night before and ready to go. She also stuck little plastic roaches down in each of the kids’ lunch bags. Everyone is awake now, and they all eat breakfast together. Stevie has always been a morning person and loves spending time with her little family before they all head off.

In the car on the way to school Stevie and the kids make up a game called “signatures”. She instructs them the game is to awkwardly stare at people, then hand them a blank sheet of paper, tell them to sign their name but not offer any reason, and run away after each signature chanting “I did it!”. The winner of the game will get spray the loser of the game with a water hose and dump a bag of flour on them when they get home that afternoon. They pull up to school (they currently attend the school she teaches at). They don’t have to worry about being tardy, because Stevie was voted “Teacher of the Year” and earned a reserved parking space right next to the entrance of the building.  It’s no secret that Stevie is one of the favorite people at the school. Not only with the students, but staff as well. The chair by her desk has become the ‘unofficial counselor’s office’. People feel so comfortable talking with her because she has a real desire and compassion for each person she encounters.  Throughout the day (just like every day), she is such a joy to be around.

As the work day comes to a close. Her kids bust in the car. Her daughter got 17 signatures. Her son only got 11; however… he did earn a trip to the principal for awkwardly staring at the janitor for too long.  These results are too close to call so they just decide to prank their dad. Of course, dinner is ready when they get home due to Stevie setting up a crockpot that morning. As her husband gets out of the car, Stevie (wearing head to toe camouflage and face paint) sneaks out behind the bushes and bariades him with water balloons. Suddenly the kids jump out and throw flour on him. He laughs and throws it back. The neighbors slow down as they drive by watching this little family looking like maniacs in their front yard.

The night comes to a close and everyone heads off to bed. However, Stevie tells her husband, she will be in the bed soon and to just give her a few minutes. She sits on the couch, picks up the phone, and calls her daddy. She’s so excited to tell him about this goofy little game she made up and the flour fight in the front yard that she can barely get it all out without laughing. They catch up for a few more minutes and say how much they love each other. Before hanging up, Stevie asks her daddy to sing “her good night song”. She sings it to her kids every night, but still calls at least a few times a month to have it sung to her. Just like he did, when she was a little girl.


Neela (age 32)

Expedition Personal Log
Date: 12-30-2041

I’ve won over the walruses trust. Not sure why it took so many months. I think the key to gaining acceptance into their pack was masking the smell of my urine by eating beets.  And I honestly can’t recall the last time I’ve had a true shower. It doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve loved bird baths since I was 6 years old. Plus it keeps all of the annoying guys around here from bothering me too much. Seriously guys, I’m here to work… However, that one new guy is cute. Plus, when I was walking back from my last extended walrus study, I saw him outside studying a pile of polar bear poop. #husbandgoals!!!

I miss my family so much. It’s been months since I’ve seen them. However, they all call and text every day. This grant ends in February, so I’m flying home and surprising everyone. Note to self: Call Dad and get him to arrange a big party for me being back in town. I missed Christmas this year. My first year missing Christmas. But my peeps knew I would be down and planned something to cheer me up. Apparently, my dad got everyone together, dressed them up in bright pink spandex leotards, took pictures, and had them blow up to lifesize cardboard cutouts. They call chipped in and spent the $723 dollars to get it shipped up here to me. So… I’m currently sitting in my room staring at these massive cardboard replicas of my family. My little brother requested that his be wrapped in plastic and stuck in random people’s showers across the camp.

I was talking with Stevie yesterday and she asked me about my future plans. Geez, that girl would plan out a plan for a planning meeting if that was a thing, but I love her. So much. However, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t tell her my surprise news. I still can’t believe I got awarded that federal grant to open a raccoon sanctuary back in Georgia.  My dad is going to freak out, when I tell him I’m moving back the states. And he’s going to faint when I tell him I’m moving back to Georgia!
Overall, I’m just so happy that I get to work with God’s creatures every day. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl.


Until next time,
Neela “Nature” Megow, Ph.D.


Titus (age 31)

It’s late at night, and everyone in his house is asleep. He’s up planning a special surprise for his wife. He has to be at work in a few hours, but he has this idea in mind of the perfect gift and doesn’t plan on sleeping until he done (Titus isn’t one for store bought gifts) Also, It’s not their anniversary, nor is it a birthday or any other special occasion. He is just madly in love with his wife of eleven years. Recently, she started a new job as a nurse and is a little stressed and down because of all the change. Her schedule is tough and doesn’t get to see them as much as she would like. You see Titus simply loves being a husband and father. It’s his passion. He takes his role in his family very serious. I was going to talk about his profession as a Marriage and Family Counselor in this little post. He’s naturally so empathetic and gentle that this is the perfect career for him. However, he views his main purpose on earth is his family, so he would rather me talk about them.

At dinner tonight, he was talking to his wife and son. Titus was telling them the story of him at the age of 4 sneaking out of his bedroom window and backpacking solo to Toys’R’Us. When he gets to the part of the policeman pulling up behind him, he starts to laugh because it’s his favorite part. The officer asked him if he needed help, young Titus responded “No thank you. I’m just walking to the toy store. I have a dollar I want to spend.” At this part of the story, the whole table bursts out laughing. His own son is 4 years old now and just thinks his dad hung the stars. Suddenly, his wife starts crying because she doesn’t get many family dinners anymore due to her new work shifts. She hates missing out on these moments. She hates not being able to spend these times with “her boys”. Titus comforts her and takes them both out for ice cream. Side note: Ice Cream has been this guy’s favorite treat since he was little. He even snuck into in the bed once and his dad found him sleeping like this…

So back to this surprise… Titus was praying about how to help his wife with this transition. Then it just hit him, and he got started when they both went to sleep. Finally, he finishes up what he can for the big surprise around 6am and loads it all into his garage. Then he proceeds to pack everything up for later before waking everyone up and serving them breakfast (turkey bacon and swiss cheese omelets). Titus is a fantastic cook just for the record.

Later in the day, he takes off early from work, picks up his son from school, and heads home to finish everything up. The two boys drive over to his Papa’s house and borrow a trailer to get everything ready. You see Titus got a trait that skipped a generation with his dad. He’s super handy and can build anything he puts his mind to. He takes his little buddy outside and finishes up the surprise. His son is super excited about it. “Mom is going to love this” his little bud exclaims! Titus agrees and his face lights up as they step back and see the finished product.

They load up in the truck with the trailer and head over the hospital. Titus knows it is past his son’s bedtime, but he knows that you gotta let kids just live sometimes. They pull up to the hospital at his wife’s “lunch break” at 9pm. They both walk inside and Titus motions to his son to be quiet and stay around the corner so mom doesn’t know he’s here for the surprise. Titus peaks in the breakroom, where his wife is sitting lonely just eating a sandwich. He pops in and tosses a blindfold to her and says “Put this on, take my hand and follow me”. His son is beaming but trying his best to keep from laughing out of excitement.

Finally, he leads her to the surprise and motions for his little buddy to get into place. They yell “Surprise” and remove the blindfold. Titus leads his wife into the big box that he has built out of plywood into the bed of the trailer. Once they open the faux-door, she finds their son sitting down at this little folding table in this little DYI replica of their dining room. He stayed up the night before painting what each wall, window, cabinets, and wall art onto each of the four plywood walls. He used the tablecloth that was a wedding gift to cover the little table and parked the roofless portable dining room under a parking lot streetlamp for light. “Well,” Titus says, “We have been missing you at home during dinner time, so we brought dinner time and home to you.”  For the meal, he brought Taco Soup which is his specialty and of course ice cream for dessert. They just sit, enjoy their time, and have the most wonderful family meal.

Titus has things figured out. It’s just who he is. God wired this guy to be a strong, yet thoughtful leader of a family. He doesn’t make a ton of money in his profession, but he doesn’t let that determine his happiness. He doesn’t live constantly waiting for the weekend or some special holiday to enjoy life. In this moment on a random Tuesday night, he and his little family are enjoying life more than anyone on Earth.


Olive (age 29)

Oh Olive. She’s the wild child of the bunch. However, not the image of a wild child most would think. She is just full of life. From her fashion to her sense of humor, she is ANYTHING but ordinary. Olive has had a slew of odd jobs in the past. Not because she couldn’t keep a job, exactly the opposite. She became so proficient at each job, she wanted to push herself to learn and try new things. Straight out of college, she took a job as a live in nanny for a family. Of course, they instantly fell in love with her, and she with them. Olive has such a desire to nurture. The kids were so drawn to her spunky style and silly jokes. Every day after school was some sort of imaginative adventure. The parents loved her because she was a hard worker and very dependable. When Olive says she will do something, she will do it. However, as much as she loved her job and that family, she longed for another adventure.

So Olive did what Olive does best, she figured out what she wanted to do and she just did it. She wanted to make people laugh, so she became the first Megow to work in professional comedy.  Her stage shows were slow to attract crowds at first because it was very different than most others, but once word spread she soon started selling out venues. Her act was, she had a few wigs and costumes. She acted out stories from her childhood playing each family member. Even when she was a little girl, she always had the silliest sense of humor and soaked up every little aspect of her siblings and her dad. Her crystal clear memory served her well in this area. She would do these one woman shows about them all getting stuck in Walmart for four hours or peeing in sand castle buckets in the car. She was getting very successful in this field and started to get some big offers to advance her career; however, Olive being Olive got the itch to try out something new.

Ever since she was a little girl, there is one thing Olive loved… fashion. She has ALWAYS been about looking fabulous. 

Her latest venture is an upscale, but low priced, consignment store. The main portion of the store was pretty much like any regular consignment place, very fashionable clothes for reasonable prices. But this store has a little twist that makes it oh so different. In the back there is a special room for little girls “fashion” clothes. The clothes in this room are the most sparkly, sequin covered, glitter blasted things you could ever imagine. Every weekend she drives around yard sales looking for glam pieces for her special room. Then once a month Olive partners with a local organization that works with little girls from low income houses that might not have access to these types of clothes. First they have a fancy tea party and then the fun starts. Olive works with every little girl to pick out their perfect outfit. Once everyone has their diva look ready to go, she throws up the doors to the main store area to reveal that it’s been turned into a catwalk and the girls get to model their new clothes for customers in the store before taking them home to keep for free! She’s actually had this business for awhile, and it’s made such an impact the community. Her family hasn’t missed a fashion show yet. PS. Olive’s dad is so ultra-proud of her.

Well that’s my best guess on what my kids will be up to in 25 years. Hope you enjoyed it J
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!



  1. Oh Seth! You are so Lovely when it comes to telling stories. I cant wait to see what you kids grow up to be! Thanks for sharing your humor and love x