Thursday, February 23, 2017

Friday Fun Facts 2/24/17

1) If Neela and Olive didn't look like twins already, they recently insisted on getting the exact same hair cut.

These two...

2) Earlier this week Titus wanted to have a "private talk" with just me. So we went in my room and shut the door. This is the conversation that followed...

Titus - "Dad. Sometimes I have a hard time at school."
Seth - "Oh no, why buddy?
Titus - "Well... Too many girls have crushes on me, and I don't even know what to do because I only like one girl not all of them."
Seth *laughing* - "I'm sure it's because you are so nice and so handsome."
Titus *deeply sighing and looking down* - "I don't like when I'm not nice. And it's hard not to be handsome."

He's just too much of a catch ;)

3) Chex Mix is officially Stevie's favorite snack in the world. However, she normally just picks around everything else to eat the little brown rye chips. Well last night in the grocery store she discovered they sell bags full of just the rye chips. 

In her own words - "This is want to eat everyday until I die."

4) For Christmas, Neela told me she was going to find me a wife. She literally asks every. single. woman. we encounter if they want to "marry her dad". To her surprise a few strangers have jokingly said yes, before I apologize profusely and awkwardly shuffle my little crew away. However lately she pointed out that the number of "yes's" have dropped dramatically. Her reasoning behind this is - "Dad. You are getting fat. Being fat is only good for Santa Claus and Sumo Wrestlers. You need to move to China or the North Pole, or you need to come with me to P.E. at my school."

5) This picture of Titus "acting like a fish" at a friend's birthday party will never not be funny.

6) This is what I find in my camera roll after the kids run up and tell me "Dad. We need your phone. It's an emergency."
Yup. You know the Megow kids are 4 of the probably 79 people worldwide that still play Pokemon Go.

7) After much help and suggestions with my proposed Valentine's Day pick up lines on my Blog Instagram, I finally settled on the winner. 

That wrapping paper looks tastier than the candy that was inside ;)

8) On the way home today, my youngest and I had this conversation in the car- 

Olive - "Daddy for dinner I want lots of bacon, macaroni and cheese, a banana, muffins with sprinkles, some turkey, and a glass of chocolate milk."
Seth - "Olive, I think that's too much food and it's not healthy."
Olive - "Well, girls like to eat unhealthy food. And we like to eat a lot of it."'

I'm pretty sure #tacotuesday will be the first hashtag Olive ever types. :D 

9) Stevie is our resident photographer. Her favorite hobby is to continue taking pictures once she has the initial shot. Everytime I get my phone back from her, this is what my camera roll looks like. :D hahaha

 photo 1k8hol_zpsjt087cya.gif

10) Back again to the "private talk" Titus and I had. This was the second half of the conversation -

Titus - "Dad, I'm excited about growing up."
Seth - "That's good. Why are you excited?"
Titus - "Because when I grow up, I'm going to be a daddy. I think that will be the funnest job ever."
Seth - "It is! I'm so excited that you want to be a daddy just like me."
Titus - "Well... not just like you. I only want two kids, because having four kids is crazy."

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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