Monday, February 6, 2017

Q & A with Olive - "Being Five Years Old"

What was your favorite part of being four years old?
Olive- “Titus’s birthday party. I ate 3 pieces of cake, drank sprite 2 times, and ate goldfish. That was my favorite day when I was four because I got the most food.”

What was the worst part about being four?
Olive- “When we went hiking in the mountains. I hate hiking. I hate nature and waterfalls. Stevie, Neela, and Titus like those things, but I don’t. I only like eating snacks all the time and being inside.”


What will you be good at when you turn 5?
Olive- "Helping Titus find sharks."

What are you the most excited about turning 5 years old?
Olive- “When people give me money. And pineapples.”

You keep talking about getting a “big girl haircut” lately. What do you want it to look like?
Olive- “I want to have a cow head.”

What does a cow head haircut look like?
Olive- “Smooth and spotty.”

What are three goals you have when you are a “big girl”?
Olive- “Get so much power. Carrying three cups. Getting my belly big. And help daddy wash dishes”

If you got $100 for your birthday, what would you buy?
Olive- “Paw Patrol Toys, A Hatchimal, Chubby Puppies, 2 Troll Bags, A Real Life Princess Necklace, and a Pixie Stick”

What’s something you can do when you turn 5, that you couldn’t do when you were four?
Olive- “Whisper very quietly, be around real lava, and draw a cat... not a dead cat, an alive cat.”

How much bigger will you be when you are a “big kid”?
Olive- “I will be very ‘scrong’. My muscles will be so big tomorrow. I will have the biggest muscles in my class except for Baker. He is still the ‘scrongest’.

Wow, I forgot that you will be super strong when you turn 5. What will you be able to do when you are that strong?
Olive- “I can pour my own Kool-Aid all by myself… but you can still help me a little. But only like nine times. I will be very scrong when I am 5.”

If your friend is turning 4 years old, what would you tell her to help her be really good at being 4 years old?
Olive- “When daddy says to clean your room, always try ‘weally weally’ hard to make your bed. Sometimes you can’t do it. But when you are a big kid you can do it… and brush your teeth or your breath will smell like a pineapple fart."

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