Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DIY - Fidget Spinners

So like almost every child in America, my kids have been asking for a fidget spinner. I've seen some in stores and online, but being me I thought it would be more fun to make one ourselves. To my surprise, it's extremely easy to make one and super cheap (less than $2 a piece). Plus, the kids got to pick out their own designs and colors. I wanted to share how we did it and the end product with everyone in case anyone wants to try it :)

1) Fidget spinners are basically just skateboard wheel bearings with some added weight to give it a longer spin. So I found some online. It was a pack of 8 bearings for about $6. I also got free shipping!

2) Next, I took the kids to the hardware store to buy some nuts and bolts. They were about 8 cents a piece, so I probably spent $1.50.

3) Then I let them design their spinners however they wanted and took some pictures on my phone.

Stevie designed the Triforce from Zelda

Neela designed a star

4) Next, I super glued the pieces together (but NOT to the bearing yet)

 5) Once I had the pieces glued together, I found some spray paint and let the kids pick colors.

6) After the glue and paint dried, I just super glued them to the bearing. And that's it. Seriously! Once the glue is set, they are ready to spin :)

Stevie's Triforce

Titus's American Flag Snowflake

Have fun spinning!!

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Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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