Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Fun Facts 10/23/15

1)   The past few nights Stevie has been laughing out loud in her sleep. That causes Neela and either Titus or Olive to start laughing in her sleep. So I’m just sitting there watching everyone in my room laughing in their sleep. The last time it happened Stevie actually woke herself up from laughing so hard. Finally, I asked why she was laughing… “I had a dream a dog farted”. Hahaha

2)    We are doing Trunk or Treat at our church. Everyone always goes all out at Southland Church for their trunks; however, with making costumes, work, school, etc. I already figured out I won’t have enough time make it super awesome. Plus the van trunk is super junky. Yesterday, I opened it just to survey the damage. When I did, a load of crap just spilled out onto the driveway. Right when I was standing in a pile of junk an idea just hit me, I threw all of the crap back in the trunk of the van and shut the door. When it comes time for Trunk or Treat, I’m just pull up, park the car, give all my kids orange vests, open my car door and let the crap spill back out, and put up a sign that says “The Dump”. Trunk or Treat, done.

3)     Neela has decided that when she turns 7 years old, she wants me to drop her off in Africa to live with the “aminals”. She says she will come back to visit for her birthdays and when she needs a haircut.

"Thanks for the ride dad, I'll walk home in a few months so you can trim my bangs"

4)     Titus asked to borrow my phone to other day to take a picture of his turd.... I said yes.

5)    Olive has become obsessed with Easter Eggs. The kids always whine when it’s her turn to pick the TV show, because that means if they want to watch a show ,they have to gather around the laptop and watch YouTube videos of random family’s home movies of them hunting and opening Easter Eggs.

"Daddy! I watch eggs now?!"

6)    I made giant pot of taco soup recently. I keep it the fridge and just reheat when I eat it.  I mean me and Titus have eaten that junk for like 8 straight meals (see #4 above- probably the reason for the giant turd). I give the kids normal food and they eat that, expect for Titus. Me and him can survive off taco soup and green peas probably for a solid month. Anyways, the other night I woke up in the middle of the night to find Titus sleeping on the kitchen floor with an cold bowl of taco soup on the floor next to him. His face was covered in tomatoes and black beans. So I just went and got him a pillow and blanket, made him a pallet on the kitchen floor and sat down beside him and finished off the cold soup before going back to bed.

7)     My birthday is in about a week. My kids are awesome and asked what kind of party I want them to throw me. I asked for a “doing laundry and folding clothes” party; they haven’t brought up that topic of conversation again.

8)     Stevie officially has her first little crush. If you see her, please don’t say anything about it. The only reason I mention it is because the little boy she likes is pretty nerdy and quirky. Of course, I tell myself she just likes him because he reminds her of her daddy ;)

9)    I have my first white hair on my head. I’m escatic about this. My granddad had a full head of white hair; honestly, I’ve never been one for hair salons, but I’m tempted to go ahead and dye it all white right now. It’s so wise and dapper looking to me.

Mi Familia
I really miss some of the people in this picture :/

10) I showed Titus how to kill flies with the fly swatter. It's his new pastime.
     "Can we leave the front door open to let some flies in? I'm ready to swat."

11) My rule for these "Friday Fun Facts" lists is that I never exceed 10 facts.   

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