Monday, January 25, 2016

The Kids Answer Questions About our Family

So I saw these questions going around Facebook. The thing was you ask your kids these questions and write down exactly what they say. So I did that tonight during dinner. The kids had a blast.  I thought I would cheat and make a blog post about them. Work Smarter not Harder, right? I also added a few questions as well. Enjoy!

What does dad always say?
Stevie- It’s gonna be a great day today
Neela- Clean your room
Titus- How did you make someone smile today?
Olive- Where’s my Mickey Mouse Toys

What makes you (the kids) happy?
Stevie- I like when people make me happy, because then I make them happy. Then the world is a special place
Neela- Spending time with the Madison (the dog)
Titus- Getting Hershey’s Chocolate
Olive- Fighting a lion.

What makes you (the kids) sad?
Stevie- When my friends don’t want to play with me.
Neela- Nothing.
Titus- Someone biting me.
Olive- (monkey noises)

What makes dad happy?
Stevie-Spending time with us
Neela- Laying with the dog
Titus- Loving people
Olive- Pooping out rainbows

What makes dad sad?
Stevie-Sitting on the toilet.
Neela- People dying.
Titus- People cutting off their skin.
Olive- (lion noises)

How does dad make you laugh?
Stevie-Telling funny stories about goats
Neela- You don’t… No wait… yes you do, when you act like an old lady.
Titus- When you tickle me
Olive- “Suh Suh Suh Suh Suh Suh Suh Piffer”

What was dad like as a child?
Stevie-Pooping in a bucket with diarrhea
Neela- He liked exploring. Wait, where their animals then?
Titus- Slumber Parties with his friends
Olive- Fight.

How old is dad?
Stevie-Zero. Just kidding 31. 31 is right. Isn’t that hilarious?
Neela- 13
Titus- 15
Olive- 6 and 5

How tall is dad?
Stevie-A giant
Neela- 31
Titus- The biggest ever
Olive- “holds up 5 fingers and pokes out her stomach”

What is dad’s favorite thing to do?
Stevie-Playing with his turkey
Neela- Working and loving us
Titus- Laying with people he likes
Olive- Rub my back.

What does dad do at work?
Stevie-Take pictures of belly buttons
Neela- Computers and help people
Titus- Talking to people and go to meetings
Olive- Watch movies

What is dad’s favorite food?
Stevie-Pepperoni and Olive Oil Pizza
Neela- Black Licorice
Titus- Turkey
Olive- Dead Daisy Duck

What’s your favorite thing to do with dad?
Stevie- Play with Bouncy Balls and show him my big poops
Neela- Watching Teen Titans Go together
Titus- Drink Kool-Aid and high five
Olive- Play cheerleaders

What is your favorite part about being in the Megow family?
Stevie-Drawing Pictures. Plus, our family is smart. I like being smart.
Neela- Relaxing and helping people
Titus- Loving my mom and dad
Olive- Treasure Hunts

 Yes. I'm aware Stevie said that dad likes to play with his turkey. We were eating turkey for dinner and I was poking at it with my fork. Hahahaha. I laughed out loud when she said it. 

Be Blessed,


  1. I laughed out loud about the "play with his turkey" comment.

  2. This was absolutely hilarious! All kids say funny things, but yours take the cake in that area. Apparently Olive thinks you are a unicorn (pooping out rainbows makes you happy).

  3. He is since received more than 3,100 responses.

  4. He is since acquired more than three,a hundred responses.