Thursday, August 31, 2017


One of my favorite things about parenting is seeing my kids personalities blossom and take shape. Each of them have their own unique flair and bring different things to the table. For example, Stevie is the stoic artist. She's always wanting to encourage and help her daddy. She is also extremely smart & tech savy. Titus is kind hearted one. He loves to give gifts and is the social butterfly/flirt. hahaha. Olive is my go with the flow kinda kid. She's always walking around with a giant smile, just willing to play whatever anyone else is wanting to play. She's also a protector of her siblings. Even as the youngest, in Olive's eyes, you don't mess with her brother or sister. 

And then there's Neela.... :) Well, she's normally the one that keeps me laughing. Never really intentionally. She doesn't really tell jokes or try to entertain, it's more of just a delightful experience watching how she handles life and processes things around her. I can pretty much guarantee if you are around her for more than a few minutes, she'll say or do something absolutely and completely random. 

For this post, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things she's said in the past few weeks. I've been keeping a running list of the gems that's come out of her mouth. Enjoy :)


Seth: "Guys, I was thinking. I can't wait until I have grandbabies! That's going to be so much fun."
Neela: "Ugh... I'm adopting teenagers when I'm a grown up. Kids are too much work. Trust me I know. I'm a kid, and I'm A LOTTA work."

*Titus accidentally runs into Neela and knocks her over*
Seth: "Titus, buddy. I know that was an accident, but you need to apologize to your sister."
Titus: "I'm sorry Neela."
Seth: "Neela, what do we say when someone says I'm sorry?"
Neela: *turning to Titus*: "You're welcome."

Seth: "Neela. Your hands are sticky... so are your arms.... and your face.... and your hair. Seriously, kid how are you always so sticky."
Neela *pauses*: "Well... ever since kindergarten, I've become sticky as a predatory defense."

Neela: "I've decided when I grow up, I'm gonna get married."
Seth: "Oh really? Well, that's great!"
Neela: "Yeah, I don't want it to be too much work to find a husband though. I'm just gonna move to Africa and marry the first man I meet."

Seth: "Neela, will you rub my back? It really hurts and you are so good at it."
*Starts to rub dad's back*
Seth: "How are you good at rubbing backs?"
Neela: "At school I trade back massages for 'Bee Bucks' with the substitute teachers."

On a family walk
Neela: "I'm so excited."
Seth: "Why?"
Neela: My favorite holiday is coming up."
Seth: "Oh really. What is it?"
Neela: "Well, I'll give you a hint. It comes after Halloween and Thanksgiving."
Seth: "Hhhmmmm.... I wonder what it is?"
Neela: "Duh dad. It's Winter. That's my favorite holiday."

Neela: "Dad, you are getting so chunky. You need to go on a diet."
Seth: "Well, actually I am on a diet. That why I've been eating a lot healthier lately."
Neela: "Ugh... If I ever get chunky, I'm never gonna go on a diet. I will just be chunky or be dead."

On the way to school one morning
Neela: Dad. I've decided to retire from second grade."

Neela: "Dad, when I grow up. I'm gonna find and tame a dragon. I'm gonna name him... *pauses* .... Gilbert."

Neela: "I'm easy to make happy. Just give me 'aminals' and feed me candy."

Neela: "I've decided. After my last day of middle school instead of walking home, I'm walking to Africa. I need to live there soon, because I need 20 dogs." 

Neela is sitting on the couch petting our dog, Douglas.
Neela: "Douglas and me have so many things in common, but we have one major thing in common."
Seth: "What's that?"
Neela: "We both got nice rumps."

I see Stevie and Neela's bedroom light on way after bedtime. I walk into their room to find Stevie asleep in her bed, but Neela on the floor in her underwear, laying on her back and licking her legs.
Seth: "Neela! What are you doing?!?"
Neela: "Grooming."

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,