Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday Fun Facts 8/20/15

-There is nothing in the entire world that can generate as much excitement in our house more than a box of new bandaids.

-Neela is a vegetarian by choice, but loves to sneak in a corn dog now and then ;)

-One time on vacation, titus hid a jumbo size bag of m&m’s by dumping them in his (clean) diaper and eating them when no one was looking. We caught him because he sounded like maracas when he started to run around.

-Stevie absolutely hates getting her picture taken, but loves taking pictures and making little movies. Her favorite movie she has ever made was one she made of the cat pooping. Don't worry, I won't post it.  ;)

-We have an elite club at our house known as the “Tricker Buddies”. The club consists of playing practical jokes on everyone else in the house. As of right now, Stevie and I are the only members. Stevie is in charge of accepting new members and she has extremely strict standards.  Neela is still on probationary status until she proves her prank value to her big sister. 

-Every night, Titus’s prayer request is to be the Blue Power Ranger when he grows up.

-If Olive isn’t allowed to open the front door when we are coming home from anywhere, she will pretty much lose it and cry for about an hour.  (We’re working on this one)

-Neela's absolute favorite song is "Jesus Paid it All"

-Stevie is constantly trying to find me a wife. “Dad, she’s pretty and I like her hat.” Hahaha

-Titus absolutely loves coating himself in axe body spray. The rule is he has to do it outside and air out before coming back in.

-We don’t have cable tv or a dvd player. Because cable is a total waste of time and money and our last few dvd players got “Megowed”.  Once something is Megowed it’s better just to cut your losses and chunk it.

-Olive is the sweatiest/dirtiest kid I have ever met. That kid will be soaked and filthy by just checking the mail…in February…wearing nothing but a big t-shirt and shorts. Four words for her future: Soap and Baby Powder

-In my opinion, there’s nothing more heartfelt or fun than a hand written letter.

-When I was a kid, my dream job was to be the guy in the video store that sat there rewinding the tapes.


  1. hahahaha I love the M&M's bit! I know so many of your stories and quirks already;) so it was fun to discover a new and funny memory:)))))))))