Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Who is...Seth"

So I think a lot of people that are reading this are a little familiar with the Megow crew, but might not really know us well. So I figured I would just one post each for all 5 of us in these little "Who is..." posts. So just to get it out of the way, I’ll do me. (I love to talk and tell stories, but I really hate talking about myself) Here it goes. I’ll try to make it as brief and entertaining as possible ;)

I really don’t know where to start. I don’t think I will go deep into my childhood. I have a million stories floating around my head, so I might just sit here and wing it. Like always. I’m sure I will go off on a million rabbit trails, so sorry in advance ;)

 Although, I am pretty different and like to do silly things to make people laugh, I mostly enjoy the simple things in life. For example, one of my hobbies is peeing outside. I can’t explain it, I’ve always just really enjoyed peeing outside. In fact, at my parents house if I had to pee, I would run downstairs, past two bathrooms, jump off the porch to pee in my favorite spot. Sadly, my parents had to cover up my pee spot when they added on a mother in law suite for my Mimi to move in. Lucky for me, I got someone to take a picture of me peeing in my favorite spot on my last time. See below.
Ladies, don't hate. You know you would pee outside too... if you don't already ;)

Hmmm… my first car was a VW Bus. I saved up enough to buy it and my parents helped me immensely by paying to get it driveable. I absolutely loved that car. Unfortunately for me, I have absolutely no automotive skills at all. That thing was literally a death trap on wheels. I remember one I was taking it to the shop to get the brakes fixed. The brakes were constantly out because they were drum brakes and I always had a hard time adjusting them. Anyways, since the brakes were always out, I was a pro at coasting, then down shifting, and then using my emergency brake to stop. Anyways,  I was driving down Bemiss (a busy road) to get them fixed, when the transmission and emergency brake went out at the same time. So in order to stop I had to open the door and flintstone stop that bad boy with bare feet.  Side note, I also have a fun story about when I hit three deer at one time with my car. I’ll share that one later.

My 66 bus. I really miss this thing.

My hair is straight up 70’s afro. It never really drops it just keeps growing and growing taller and taller. One time I did let someone put a relaxer in it. Let’s just say I rocked the Lou Ferrigno’s “The Hulk” style for a few months.

My fro is legit

Exactly how my hair looked when I straightened it. hahahaha

Now, I’ll go ahead and address this. Throughout this blog, you might hear me talk about or see a video of my ex-wife Crissy. We got married when we were both 19. We had an absolutely amazing marriage and friendship for a very long time. I really fought the divorce for a long time, but in the end I’m the one that ended up filing. Even though, we aren’t married any longer, we still remain very pleasant towards each other. Considering our situation and what happened over the course of the past two years, it’s a blessing from God that we can still speak in kindness to each other.  And for to prevent any hate mail about divorce, please don’t even try to cast any judgment on my decision. Well, you can feel free to judge me all you want. I really don’t mind at all. I tried my hardest to save it and the marriage was pretty much Biblically shattered and all trust was tossed out the window. God loves me and is proud of me. That’s about all I’m going to say about it.

I will say that divorce is the absolute worst thing I have ever experienced. However, God is good and so faithful. I experienced a lot of peace and comfort through the process through private worship, Divorce care, and family & friends. We have a friendship which I strive and pray to maintain. I will say, it’s a lot easier talking and making conversation without trying to constantly figure things out or trying to control my temper due to observing behaviors that shattered the trust and closeness.  We can both be open and honest. Mostly that’s good for the kids. So if you hear any gossip or talk about “what happened”, just know it’s really no one’s business besides ours and God’s. One request, please please don’t message me with advice about “restoration”. I love Jesus and love people, but I’m not a huge fan of the generic Christianese phrases people say. Support is great and I love getting along and showing Christ’s love to my ex-wife, but please don’t try to encourage me about waiting for her to come back. J Thanks. I mean that in the most loving way I can possibly say. Let’s just say, if you’ve gone through something traumatic, you will understand. People aren’t really keen on unsolicited advice and I promise I’ve had way more than enough to last me a lifetime J  I’m positive God will continue to help us work together for the kids and support us individually through the process, because God can never love us any less; we just become more aware of His Love the closer we draw to Him.

Ok, well that’s enough of that serious stuff. Let me hit a few more things about myself on a lighter note… I love telling stories, making little movies, planning out activities, and entertaining large crowds. If I was actually funny, I might could have been a stand up comedian, but I think my skills are better suited for entertaining my kids by being goofy and doing little skits and videos for my church (Southland Church: which is amazing and full of love for Jesus and diversity). Plus, they are the only church I know that would let me do fart jokes on stage. So far, they haven’t pulled the plug on any of my corny ideas. I’m still waiting on something that crosses the line, but honestly, it’s just about loving Jesus and people there. They are pretty laid back. It’s a good fit for us. I’ve probably done dozens of videos and skits, so I pulled one of the oldest ones I can find.

You can tell the age of this video by me talking about "audio cassettes". 
Also, I clearly had no idea what I was doing :)

As far as my personality, I try to be very relaxed. I’m not extremely deep or complicated. Pretty much, what you see and read is about the extent of me. My personal life goal is to be Jesus to everyone I meet and to make people smile when I see them. I love to encourage and help. It’s my thing. The past two years, I kind of lost myself in depression, but through God’s grace I really found my true self under all the crap I dumped on myself.  Mostly, I just want to be a modern day Mr. Rogers (with a little more fart jokes and a little more sporadic.) Mr Rogers was extremely routine and every episode was scripted down to the word. (Please be my neighbor and don’t test my Mr. Rogers knowledge J).

I don't watch much tv or many movies. I simply don't have time. I am really enjoying blogging, but this pretty much takes all of my alone time (that I'm not working, cleaning, etc.) However, my favorite movie is called "The Legend of 1900". Most people haven't seen it, because it's an Italian film. It's a little cheesy, but it has the most wonderful music. I think because I love to play piano so much that movie just sucks me in everytime. I'm waiting on my best bud to come over and watch it with me- Hint Hint Buddy ;)

So yeah, I’m just a single dad with taking full time care of the four most hilarious, kind, giving, creative, imaginative, and good looking kids anyone could ever ask for. I love my kids. They are my best friends. I’m going to talk a lot more indepth about each of my kids in the upcoming posts. 
And remember, you’re never too old to remind yourself that you are special just being yourself.

I'm telling you, My absolute dream is to start wearing cardigan sweaters
 and start greeting people with "Hello Neighbor"


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