Monday, August 31, 2015

And the Winners Are...

Well, I know I promised to announce the winners Sunday afternoon or evening; however, if you follow me long enough you will soon find out that if I'm doing something, I'm going to dive in full force and try to make it as entertaining (or weird) as humanly possible ;)

So I'm finally finished up my raffle videos. To see the prizes and winners, please watch each of the videos below (don't worry, they are short :D )

Raffle #1 - Prize and Winner

Raffle #2- Prize and Winner

Raffle #3- Prize and Winner

If you were one of the winners, please message me your mailing information and I will mail you your prize ASAP! I know you are each busting at the seams to receive it.

Once I get the prizes out and receive the pictures from each winner, I will post them online and let everyone vote for their favorite :) And remember, the winner with the best "pose with your prize" picture will receive a gift card to the restaurant of his/her choice.

Thanks for playing.

PS, check back tomorrow and read all about my little buddy in the post "Who is...Titus"

1 comment:

  1. DYING. I'm super mega jealous that I didn't win. Can i please get a copy of that amazing portrait to use in my photography portfolio?