Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Neela the "Aminal Helper" Inventor

Neela has been convinced that being a zoologist was her calling in life for quite some time. However, last night I found her rustling around the house and organizing a bunch of random things on the kitchen table. I asked her what she was doing and she informed that she no longer wanted to be a zoologist but rather an "aminal" inventor. She was preparing everything for her first invention.

I got so pumped at this idea. However, it was late so I told her we could do it after school today. All day at work, I was so pumped to get home and get started. Right when I picked her up and raced in the door and immediately began finishing up her equipment collecting and gathering. I asked what she would be inventing today for her first ever invention .She wanted to create a: "Nature Potion Collector" *patent pending

Titus eagerly agreed to be her assistant and they asked me to document the process, so she can put it in her book "Neela's Nature Inventions". By now I'm freaking out excited. I LOVE the idea of my kids using their creativity combined with nature to do and create things.  Titus were super excited too and agreed to be her helper. Before we started Neela wanted to put on her most beautiful dress... just because ;)

The following is going to be a step by step instructional guide on creating and using her invention which will be the first chapter in her book.  Disclaimer: This was all Neela's idea, but she did have dad help with some parts (mostly cutting, taping, and building the strainer piece. Each process and piece of equipment was CAREFULLY planned by Neela herself. Enjoy!

Part I: Preparing the Ingredients for Extraction

Step 1 - Organize all of the necessary tools and ingredients

Step 2 - Categorize and sort by plant type

Step 3 - Wash each ingredient carefully and separately

Step 4 - The mandatory spaghetti break

Step 5 - Arrange by type and dry

Hand drying with a sponge roller. This girl is serious about her work :)

Step 6 - Once dryed, collect ingredients and prepare for crushing

(It's amazing how beautiful nature is. All this was just in our front yard :D )

Step 7 - Crush ingredients and load into potion extractor capsule

Neela using her custom made "smasher"


Part II: Using "Nature Potion Collector"

Please note: I was under strict orders to not take any pictures during the construction process.
"Inventors don't tell people how they make their inventions" - Neela

"The Nature Potion Collector"
She wanted to make it on wheels, 
so it would be portable and be able to take it to the park.

The spout to add the "secret ingredient"
This mixes with the crushed leafs and flowers to produce our potion!

Here's a short 12 second video of her invention in action!

After extraction, add bubbles to complete the potion


Needless to say, I had a blast with my little inventor and her helper. :)

Be Blessed,

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