Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Megow Goals for 2016

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. To me they just kind of fizzle out, but I do like setting goals for myself and to teach the kids to make and work for goals. So I sat down with the kids and asked what goals they would like to set for themselves. (I typed their responses verbatim). So here’s what each individual Megow is shooting to accomplish this year, plus my goals for the Megows as a family unit.

-Start to wear my suspenders and knit ties more frequently
-Buy more suspenders and knit ties
-Eat more raw vegetables
-Start writing my first book
-Accept the fact that I have a patch of back hair
-Speaking of hair, I want to start sculping my chest hair into fun shapes
-Start playing the piano publicly again
-Write more hand written letters (in pencil of course)
-Let the kids all come up with the idea for and design my next tattoo
-Promote my blog
-Put money (in random denominations of bills) in various pockets of my clothes
I’m so forgetful that it will be a fun surprise when I get dressed or do laundry
 -Find out why the heck I have so much belly button lint at the end of the day

-Learn to Beatbox with my mouth
-Find daddy someone to marry
-Lose more teeth
-Give people more hugs
-Tell people about Jesus and pray for sick people
-See Mrs. Lewis again
-Learn how to tie my shoes
-Be a Dragon City/Dragon Vale Master
-Read all the books in the library
-Be with my family forever
-See Heaven in my dreams
-Be the best artist and learn to draw animals

-I want to learn about a lot about nature, and a lot about God, and a lot about “aminals”, and a lot about plants, and a lot about bugs, and a lot trees, and a lot about heaven.
-Go on a mountain hike
-Give dad’s hair more cat baths
-Learn how to sneak
-Sleep on daddy’s legs
-Live in the wild

-Become a spy
-Brush my teeth the most than anyone in the entire world
-Be the most handsome boy
-Find my Power Megazord pieces (He got them for Christmas and has already lost them)
-Teach myself how to make a Mohawk
-Act like a Power Ranger
-Jump the highest in my class
-Touch Heaven on the trampoline
-Give my toys to my friends

-Play with Stevie
-Learn the computer
-Eat all the snacks
-Write the letter “m”
-Turn on the TV
-Sing Frozen songs
-Hide under the bed
-Sleep all day
-Wear Minnie Mouse clothes

Megow Family Goals:
-Start a Free Pet Party Service. 
We will have a wide variety of animals and have groups of people over to the house. The kids will take the animals out of the tanks and teach people about them (care, diet, fun facts, etc.). Each pet party recipient will have the chance of look at (and touch if they like) each of the animals.
So far we have a Red Knee Tarantula, a Bearded Dragon, and a Red Earred Slider Turtle. We plan on getting at least 2 more exotic animals (and a dog). Neela says the dog is for little kids and adults that are too scared of the fun animals. 
-See REAL Snow
-Host a giant Karaoke night. The winner will receive the chance to comb Seth’s patch of back hair
-Find the perfect mixture of Kool-Aid flavors.
The current favorite is Tropical Punch/Watermelon
-Use our outside fire pit more
 -Have a “free” yard sale
 -Figure out how my children can go through an entire roll of toilet paper easier than breathing in oxygen
 -Get a new family car
-Be the "Best Family Ever" (Stevie's family goal for 2016)

Be Blessed,


  1. Love all of these goals! Although it's missing "hang with the parkers more" 😊

  2. Hope your family goals are going well for 2016! The pet party might be my favorite one. :)