Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Single in "Single Dad"

So… This is probably the most awkward thing I have ever done in my entire life. Well, actually that honor goes to the time that Neela asked why those two cheetahs were dancing funny on that National Geographic Documentary.

“Uuuhhhh, I don’t know Neela. I think he’s trying to get a flea off of her neck with his tongue.”

Sorry, I gotta go back to the cheetah one more time. That picture reminded me of this scene from Lion King. I didn’t really notice it as a kid, but when I watched it as an adult with my children, I just stared at the screen and looked over at my sweet little innocent girls in horror at what they were viewing.

“Dang Nala, slow your roll kid....Wait, what the heck is this movie rated?!”

So now that I have officially covered my little kids watching cartoon animals about to have sex and real animals actually having sex, let’s segue into the most appropriate topic of all… my love life. HAHAHAHAHA

Apparently, there’s this singles thing on a blog where people can nominate or enter you for other people to look at. My friend Emily (my self-appointed matchmaker) signed me up. She asked me if I wanted to write and talk about myself. I laughed out loud. That would probably sound like this:

“Hi, I’m Seth. I have kids who like to make fart sounds with their apple sauce at dinner. I enjoy saying complete random things to strangers in elevators and public speaking (well, the speaking part would probably turn into impressions and then that would just turn into some song I would make up about a stain on the carpet). Speaking of interesting stains, at work there was a coffee stain in the back stairwell of my building. I named him Brian. Unfortunately after some time, a custodian saw him and wiped him up. Then out of some miracle a new stain appeared. I named this one Francisco. Pet floor stains are like pets. You can’t replace one after it passes, but getting a new one can help with the grieving process. Anyways, I keep Francisco covered up with a leaf to avoid prying eyes looking to remove him from my life. Oh yeah and I am 6’2.”

So yeah, the idea of my promoting myself on any kind of romantic thing would be a disaster. But Emily took it on herself to write something up and post it. I’m not really sharing it for any reason other than say thanks to my friend for thinking enough of me to be concerned with me being a 72 year old bachelor purposely spilling my coffee in the nursing home with my left hand while reading through a list of choices for my new friend out of the baby names book in my right hand.  

Now another reason I wanted to talk about this is because I have quite a few single friends and thought they might like to do the same thing as well. I’m really not the best at explaining things, but pretty much this blog hosts it every year around Valentine’s Day. People just enter their family/friends/themselves (I guess) and apparently like a crazy amount of people look at it. I’m not exactly sure of the rules, but here is the site that it’s all hosted on. Check it out if you want to put a profile up yourself. It all explained pretty simple and seems pretty well organized. 

You’ll see a bunch of pictures of people. Those people each have little write-ups linked to their pictures (like the one Emily did for me). If anything else, it’s fun knowing that we aren’t the only single people in the world, right? I’m sure we’ll all meet someone one day J Don’t worry; have faith! If you doubt that it might not happen, just take a peek at one of the classic romances of our time for true love's inspiration.

1) Boy meets girl by chatting online with hot babes all day

2) True love starts to bloom

3) He learns sometimes you have to wait...

4) The first meeting. Love at first sight.

5) She opens his heart and mind to his true potential

6) Wedded Bliss

Finally, if you are one of the people that got sent here from Emily’s write up about me, Welcome! Me and the blog readers here are pretty cool. You’ll catch on pretty quick to phrases like “Nature Neela”, "Friday Fun Facts" and “Poop”.

Be Blessed



  1. I's taken me years of watching SUYS posts to actually participate. Advertising myself seems way out of my comfort zone. Alas, I posted and decided to click on a few links...leading me here. Your blog is enjoyable to read and the way you love your kiddos is admirable! Regardless of awkward actions it has been neat to see how other love on and praise the good qualities in the singles in their life.

  2. LOL! Your little people are precious, and I'm sure you are always on your toes with them! Yes an insane amount of people participate in this and yes it's not comfortable. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post and I'm getting ready to be nosy and read more.

    Happy Friday!