Thursday, March 10, 2016

Welcome Kelly's Korner Readers

Well hello there... Didn't see you come in. 
Why don't you lay back from that keyboard and relax awhile. 

Hahaha. But for real, welcome to "Who put my iPad in the Dishwasher". This post is a basic introduction to the Megow way of life and our blog for new readers visiting from Kelly's Korner. I try to make this thing somewhat entertaining and different from most blogs around these parts. My goal for this site is to give an unfiltered look behind our unique family and lifestyle. I am a full time single dad of four kids who works full time at a local university. I'm sure every parent thinks this, but I'm convinced my kids are one of the most hilarious, yet kind and loving group of human beings ever assembled in the history of mankind.

This is my crew and favorite people in the world!!!

Things for the most part are pretty light hearted here. Megows try not to take themselves too seriously. Most things are pretty funny and usually involve either poop, bugs, kids cutting their own hair, sticky floors, or a combination of everything previously mentioned, However, at times I'll mix in a little activity or craft idea. Also, I sometimes touch on serious subjects like divorce and single parenting. 

I also enjoy getting to showcase my kiddos. They are simply magnificent in every way :) It's such a neat idea to share things I discover about them or funny things they do with the world. I'll link up little bios I wrote about each of them. Just click on their name under each picture to read more about them.

If nothing else, this blog is just my way to reach out to people and remind them that life is what you make it. So I hope this place makes you smile. :) 

Here's some of my favorite posts to give you a feel of what makes this blog so special to me:

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram. That's the blog's Facebook page, but that's my personal Instagram. I share alot of little things that don't make on here. 

Be Blessed,


  1. First off, your first picture made me laugh! Hilarious. It's cool seeing a blog about a dad and his kiddos. I look forward to reading more. :)

  2. Wow! Your blog is so refreshing--definitely putting you in my reader!!!!!!!!!

  3. I first started following your blog after the last SUYL post! Thank you for keeping things fun, relaxed, and real!