Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This post is about our bearded dragon Alabama. I had already written a "Who is...Alabama" post. It was really funny and talked about his time served working on an oil rig and his hobby of researching and translating Egyptian hieroglyphics; however, I won't be posting that one...

This morning Neela did her daily routine of waking up and immediately going to Alabama's tank and holding him for a minute before she started to get ready for school. However, when I walked out she was holding him like normal, but just sitting on the floor quietly crying and rubbing his head. He was dead. I can't really figure out how it happened. His tank was clean and the right temperature and he was well fed and had water in his bowl. She was and is still very upset. 

Alabama usually one of the first family members people met when they came in our door for the first time. Neela was constantly introducing him to our house guests. She loved to eat dinner with him sitting right beside her on the little bench for our dining room table. Neela often enjoyed alone time with him and loved learning about bearded dragons through books and the computer. She also took great pride in finding him his favorite snacks, crickets, from our backyard. It's really sad because she was working so hard to be good at school to be able to bring him for show and tell. Just last week she finally earned up enough "points" to earn a show and tell day and was so excited for her class to meet him. We are burying him today after school at Neela's favorite woods by the park. 

Here are some fun videos and pictures of their time together. 

Neela seeing Alabama for the first time (video)

Neela and Alabama watching his favorite movie. 
"How to train your dragon"

Protecting Alabama from hawks while wearing her favorite "Alabama" shirt :(

Showing off the crickets she caught to feed him.

Taking Alabama for his first walk (video)

Please pray for Neela today. She is very upset about losing her little best friend. 

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