Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 10 List:Why Megows Love Fall (Bonus- This post is Pumpkin Spice Free!)

10) Socially Acceptability of Personal Hygiene Laziness
I constantly see people saying “oh I love sweater weather or I can't wait to wear scarfs”. The Megows are over here like, “So since we sweat less and it’s socially acceptable to wear hats and beanies then that means we can bathe less right?”

Who needs personal hygiene anyways?

9) Halloween Candy
Some people celebrate Halloween. Others don’t. All I’m saying is the kids are always a few Snickers bars light on November 1st.

8) Weather
Who doesn’t love South Georgia fall weather: Walking out in a sweater and long pants, becoming soaked in sweat by 10am. But I didn’t iron my shirt underneath, so I’m stuck dripping in perspiration all day, because I was too lazy to iron. Oh yeah, those flannel boxers weren’t really a great idea either. It’s like the everglades down there.

7) Pumpkin Patch
Most people love the pumpkin patch because of the activity of selecting a pumpkin or taking cute family pictures. Honestly, I just view it kinda as a medical thing. I am constantly missing my kids annual checkups, so I can track their height by the little scarecrow sign. I think I should just start writing my insurance company for reimbursement.

6) Costumes
All I can say is I can do wonders with a hot glue gun, duct tape, construction paper, and felt ;) I love the idea of handmade costumes.


 However if you would rather not do one yourself, I have worked for the original costume company in South Georgia for about 12 years. They are the most kind people and have extremely reasonable prices. So if you or your kids need a costume check them out. They have pretty much everything. If you tell them Seth sent you, they might give you a little discount ;)

5) Daylight Savings Time
EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP. Yes, my kids are awake and throwing the pop-tarts non frosted outsides all around the house while running around naked and screaming like little banchees, but I don’t care. The clock says I get to sleep, so I do. Nothing is sweeter than being about to drown out the chaos of children than hitting that extra snooze a few times ;)

4) End of Cutting Grass   
I think my neighbors are more excited about this than me. I honestly think they believe I actually found the real life Jumanji Board game. My grass gets that bad…

"Watch out for monkeys driving police cars"

3) My Birthday
My birthday is November 2nd. I love having a November birthday, Especially as a parent.  The kids have fully O.D.’ed on Halloween candy the day before, so on my birthday they are all feeling sick. That sounds mean, but hey it only comes once a year. “Everyone, just use your empty Halloween candy bucket to puke in. Dad’s about to lay on the couch for two hours without moving. Happy Birthday to me.”

2) Smores
No one in our house actually likes Smores. But they love the idea of making them. Normally, I just end up smelling like smoke, covered in melted chocolate and sticky marshmallow, and my shoe is melted from stomping out 4 flaming mallows. Normally, my kids just like to throw flaming marshmallows at dad. It's fun for them and good exercise for me.

"Dad, catch!"

1) Taco Soup
Yes. Taco Soup isn’t a fall food. I don’t care. I make it year round. Taco Soup is my favorite part of every season (besides April's Fools Day, duh)

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  1. Do you think a carved pumpkin can be put in the dishwasher, lowest setting?