Friday, September 4, 2015

How am I still single? "Don't miss the disclaimer at the bottom" :)

So I was talking to my buddy (what up Corrie) and we were joking about what we were eating for dinner. 
That let to the "How am I still single?" conversation.

- I ate rolled up deli ham with koolaid for dinner.

- I haven't looked in the mirror in 3 days.

- My kids say I'm an "ok" dancer

- I own one pair of socks (to run in)
       1) I haven't ran in over a year
       2) I can't find said socks
       3) I actually do own one additional pair of dress socks,
         but I keep them in my desk at work in case someone important decides to pop in
       3.5) Those dress socks don't match

- There are currently more clothes on my floor than in my dresser.

- I caught 3 crickets today and I have 2 email accounts. Mad skills.

- The current CD is my car is full of Mr. Rogers songs. Yep, I listen to it even when it's just me and no kids. (No shame in my game.)

- Neela and me are currently having a popcorn eating contest. Living it up on a Friday night.

- I'm hoping to get a new car soon... a church van. (soak it in ladies)

- Our family is well traveled. We drove to Quitman about a month ago.

- I am "too" good looking

- My decor theme of my house is a combination of a bachelor pad and a My Little Pony Convention.

-The "miscellaneous" portion of our budget is typically reserved for purchasing supplies birthday parties for inanimate objects around our house. Recently, we threw Stevie's blanket a party and invited guests (other blankets). Before that, is was no joke, the floor... We had the floor a birthday party which included cake and party activities.

- The other morning before we left for school, Olive walked up to me and motioned for me to lean down. I thought she wanted a kiss. Nope, she wanted to wipe some poop from her hand onto my necktie. 

- I know how to spice up a one year old's birthday party

Disclaimer: This was for fun. The world can't handle Seth on a date.... Yet ;)

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