Thursday, September 3, 2015

Olive found a big stick at the park.

Disclaimer: if you are sensitive to crude humor, please do not read this post. I am not intentionally trying to shock or offend.

My goal of this whole blog thing is to provide an unfiltered look into the Megow life. Well, just being real, kids will be kids. Before I tell my story, I do want to clarify that our house has a pretty strict set of rules about speech and bad words. For instance, my kids are not allowed to say "oh my gosh". To me that sounds too much like "oh my god", instead we say "oh my goodness". Nor do I typically find it funny.  Also, I try to avoid laughing or showing some kind of approval when kids do say a bad word or say something that sounds like a bad word. I really can't stand when kids are using bad words and parents laugh in front of them. It really just encourages them to continue to use those words again. (Can you tell I am really trying hard not to offend?)

I mean I really have no shortage of crude stories, but in my opinion, to be really funny you need to be able to make alot of people find things funny without having to resort to offensive things. It's a fun challenge to try to tell stories and write things that can find mass humor appeal, but at the same time not be overused, bland, and just not funny at all. However, over time I might share some fun little stories when I can think of the best way to present them. 

Anyways, let's get to my story about last night. My dream Wednesday night is to go to my church home group (side note: my home group is the best.) however, there's not any nursery or childcare, so the kids just sit and color or watch a show. During the summer, I am fine with that but during the school year, I feel bad making them sit down and be quiet after being in school all day. So last night we went to the park to burn off some energy. We are a park family. Megow kids love nature and exploring and finding little treasures. Olive really loves to pick flowers, find rocks, and discover leaves, etc. Well, last night she found a big stick. Neela has been carrying around a bamboo stick around for a few days, so Olive was THRILLED to have a "big stick" just like Neela.

After the park, we went to dollar general to get a few things before heading home. It was Wednesday night so since Hahira is a small town, it was packed with sweet little ladies who just got out of church. I made my kids leave their "treasures" (sticks, rocks, etc) in the car because I wanted to be in and out quick. Anyways, Olive ran up to every one of those women in the store and told them proudly "I have a big stick". Normally, people think Olive is just too cute. Especially since she had a little speech delay and always pronounces her words just a little bit wrong. Rock is "wock". Flower is "fwahwah". However, last night all of the sweet older ladies did NOT think it was funny or cute at all. Watch the video below and you can see why.

She wanted to make a video showing off her new stick. This is a snippet of that little video.
 Remember, she was running up to everyone yelling "I HAVE A BIG STICK!"

I kept running up behind her to quickly correct her and calm the shocked look on the sweet, elderly women's faces. "A big STick. A ST-ick", I quickly reassured them. :)

I mean, while it was embarrassing. It was somewhatpretty funny, but I couldn't laugh because I didn't want to keep encouraging her. However, now that I am not around my kids. Yes, I am laughing :)


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